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The 3 Paralysing Emotions That Will Hold You Back Financially

By Eemusings @eemusings
The 3 paralysing emotions that will hold you back financially

When it comes to money, there are a few intense emotions most of us experience at some point that paralyse us financially.

I've struggled with every single one of these, and if there's one thing those battles have taught me, it's this: we are our own worst enemies.

The mind is a powerful, powerful thing and that cuts both ways. It's up to us to harness that power and use it to our advantage.


Regret that you didn't negotiate that salary. Regret for all the money you spent on things you didn't care about. Regret for the money you wasted on deadbeat exes.

As hard as these regrets are to stomach, there's only one way forward: Accepting the past, learning from those mistakes, and moving on. We all move through this process at our pace, but sooner is better, and healthier.


Fear of losing an income source, of some financial disaster striking, of the unknown in general.

Living in a state of constant tension and low-level panic sucks and it takes its toll.

That's where a solid savings buffer and good insurance cover come in - knowing you've got those safety nets to fall back on. And so too does making contingency plans.

Some people don't like to imagine the worst-case scenario, but I'm the kind who needs to confront my worst fears rather than hide from them - to ask myself questions like "Has it happened before? What are the odds of it happening? What would I do then?"

In lots of cases, the catastrophes we've conjured up in our lizard brains are over-exaggerated. They have never happened and are not likely to.


Guilt for all that you have now, all the privileges you've been blessed with ... and the fact that yet you want more.

But you know what I've realised? It does nobody else any good for me to struggle, to not have what I want, to play the martyr.

By taking care of myself first and flourishing, I can then turn around and help others. Giving back is fantastic, once you can comfortably and safely do so from a solid position.

All of these are ultimately useless emotions, and I'm personally done with wasting my time and headspace on them!

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