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The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Italy is known for their delicious pizza, cheese and lemon groves so why not book a trip to do all three in one day?! That's right! My family and I knew there were 3 things we were going to enjoy while were in Positano and they included a trip to the Lemon Grove, a tour at a local farm and cheese maker as well as a traditional pizza restaurant. Here's how and why you're able to visit all three in 24 hours!
The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!
1. Lemon Grove- Our first stop was a local lemon grove where we were able to taste homemade lemon and orange marmalades on delicious homemade bread as well as fresh lemonade and limoncello. Limoncello for those that don't know is a staple in the Italian culture and this particular mix is made by a 6th century family. We also were able to taste various extra-virgin olive oils including a lemon, orange, basil, rosemary all on their delicious breads. Does it get any better than this? Oh wait, it does!
The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!2.  Mozzarella Factory - You all know that I have a bit obsession with cheese why not find how it's made! The second stop we made was at a local farm and cheese maker where, yet again, everything is locally grown so it's extremely fresh and all organic. From feeding the animals to cheese making and producing home grown vegetables, these farmers are incredible at their craft. The farmer showed us around his adorable farm and then we were able to taste some of the most incredible cheese. We started off with the mature Provolone del Monaco and then moved onto a fresh cheese that the farmer showed right in front of us! We also had samples of cacciottine, ricotta and of course, mozzarella with a crisp tomato salad and chilled wine.
The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!3. A Traditional Pizza Factory - The owner of this mom and pop pizza factory were so adorable and I loved that it had become a father and son team. They explained how a Neopolitan pizza is made and then shared an ancient family recipe using their mother's yeast that's been passed down for generations to come. We actually were able to put on our own aprons and begin working to prepare on our dough with Italian music in the background. In true Italian fashion, you throw the pizza in the air ( and yes I'm as awful as you would think ha but it was all in good fun! ) In two minutes, the pizza is in the wood oven and we were able to enjoy it! It is nothing like the pizza in the states I can tell you that!
It truly was such a fun and exciting day to spend with friend, family and meeting new people from around the United States! This is something that you would love to experience to get a true sense of the Italian way!
The 3 MUST Things You Can Do In One Tour!
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