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The 2016 Men’s Valentine’s Day Style Guide

By Attireclub @attireclub

You have a date (or not yet), the reservations have been made and the program has been laid out, but there's one more thing piece you need to add to the puzzle: what are you going to wear?

Dressing up well can make a big difference on Valentine's Day, regardless of how and with whom you spend it. The way you look will influence the way you feel, so investing in your style indirectly means that you will be investing in your attitude.

Here are some fashion and style rules and tips you should go by on Valentine's Day, that apply to any style, personality and that go in any setting you might find yourself in on Valentine's:

Simplicity is the best thing in the world - keeping things simple, yet polished and sophisticated is the right way to go on every day of the year in general and on Valentine's Day in particular. Opt for a simple pair of pants, a nice, well-fitted dress shirt (if you don't have one, get one in a larger size and have a tailor adjust it) and a nice blazer. Our advice is to go for a maximum of two "wow-pieces" that will really draw the eye, such as a special jacket and a nice pair of shoes, while maintaining everything else in a secondary position.

This outfit (pants - shirt - blazer) can be translated in numerous styles and versions: sporty guys can wear chinos and a casual sports jacket, while men who enjoy rather formal clothes can go for the dressier version, with a crisp white shirt, black dress pants and a special jacket.

The 2016 Men’s Valentine’s Day Style Guide

To be noticed and make a good impression on Valentine's Day, you should definitely include some interesting colors in your outfit, but always make sure that the focus of your look is you and not your (colorful) clothes. Instead of going with classic solids and neutrals such as brown, black and the occasional pop of red (which on Valentine's tends to be a bit of a cliché too, but which done right will make you look very attractive), you should rock some unexpected colors. Wearing burgundy, pink, yellow and even white can make you stand out in the crowd.

Moreover, if you put together a color scheme for your clothes that works well, you will be a true winner. For best results, you should keep in mind that colors that lie closely to each other on the color wheel (for example blue and green, orange and red) go together well and make for organic looks. Colors that lie on exact opposite sides of the color wheel also work great together (pink and light green, red and blue) and are more suited for casual, relaxed settings, such as an amusement park or a street party. Think your outfits through colorwise and you are in for a great look!

Wearing clothes that feature prints and patterns is also a great way to style up your Valentine's Day game. Always keep in mind that a pattern always looks great if you mix it with solid colors, especially if it features among other colors, the solid color(s) you will be matching it to, or, for a more subtle look, different shades of those colors.

For example, let's say you are wearing a blue suit; you can style it up with a shirt that features a light blue - purple and light green pattern shirt.

In case you want to wear several patterns at the same time, bear in mind that the rule of thumb to mixing patterns is that they should always be of different sizes. To exemplify, let's you are wearing for example two garments that feature stripes. In this case, one of them should have wide stripes and the other one narrow stripes. This rule applies to all patterns, textures or prints.

Moreover, if you mix different types of patterns, prints and textures, the rule remains the same: in case you want to wear stripes and dots at the same time, you will get great sartorial results if you wear thick stripes and small dots.

Don't forget: A pattern is a symmetrically repeated construction, a print is an image that features a clear composition and a texture is a pattern that can not only be seen, but felt as well.

The 2016 Men’s Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Accessories are a wonderful way to express your taste, style and personality. Wearing accessories that speak to you and that make you feel more confident are definitely worth investing in! You can wear as many accessories as you want on Valentine's, but you should overdo it. When you look in the mirror, if it seems too much, it probably is. Always remember that less is more.

When it comes to accessories, there are two essential rules you should bear in mind:

One: The accessories you wear should be proportionate to your body size. In short, this means that men who are larger should wear bigger watches, wider ties and larger belts, while men with smaller frames should go for narrow belts, skinny ties and subtle bracelets or chains for example. Wearing proportionate accessories will make you look well-structured and balanced, which is what you want to go for in a look.

Two: When it comes to metals or metallic fabrics, you should bear in mind that all metals are neutrals and can therefore be worn with any color and other metal. Therefore, it is alright to wear both gold and silver at the same time (check first which makes you look healthier by putting both next to your skin and alternating) with clothes of any color.

The rule of thumb when it comes to fashion and style is that you need to be comfortable. This might come as a surprise, but the key to a good look likes in your attitude. If you are confident in what you wear, you will be more attractive and more fun. If you don't feel like yourself in certain clothes or wearing certain accessories, but still want to step out of your comfort zone and wear them, try them on around the house a few hours or a few days before actually wearing them out. This way, your clothes and accessories will become like a second skin and you will feel at one with them, which is what style is all about.

Your style has the ability to make you more confident, happier and to have a better view over the world, which is why it is definitely worth investing time and resources in the clothes and accessories you wear.

Looking good and feeling good is essential and will work as an enhancer on Valentine's Day, regardless of how you spend it.

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