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The 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live Action

Posted on the 22 February 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
After a mediocre animated program and a less than stellar documentary session, I was not exactly eager in anticipation going into the Live Action Oscar Shorts program. However, when the fifth short had ended, I was more than pleased to have been in attendance. This years nominees were all well made, through a different range of styles. Three of the five were made in the UK and further emphasize how much I enjoy the sensibilities of that region of the world. Here are a brief synopsis and review of the five shorts in the program.
The Confession
The 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live ActionThis short focused on two young boys preparing for the sacrament of Reconciliation and in the process playing a prank that leads to unexpected tragic results. The film is beautifully shot in tinted colors along the countryside and the young actors handle the material quite well.
Wish 143
The 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live ActionA teenager in the cancer ward is approached by one of those Make-A-Wish groups, and makes an unusual wish (which is not so unusual for a sixteen year old). After being denied his request by the group, he then goes about trying to carry out his wish while associating with his priest friend. This material could have been handled horribly but I felt it was done in a amiable way.
Na WeWe
The 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live ActionIn 1994 Burundi, a busload of people from various backgrounds is stopped by a militant group and separated into groups of Hutus and Tutsis, the latter of which they wish to eliminate. By twisting up the militants in stories of their diverse heritages, each individual is able to save themselves and in turn show the absurdity of racism. This film, again, was well shot even if its story was a bit redundant.
The Crush
The 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live ActionA young boy has affections for his teacher, buys her a ring, and proposes. When he bumps into to her and her louse of a boyfriend on the street, he becomes jealous and challenges him to a fight to the death. This was a delightful wonderfully handled short and may favorite of the program.
God of Love
The 2011 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live ActionA lounge singer vies for the affections of his bandmate who is in love with his other bandmate/best friend. He prays for help in the matter, and in return he receives a box of darts which induce love upon whomever is stricken by them. I was really drawn to the look of this film, which was shot in black and white, and it made me long for more usage of that medium in modern day movies.

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