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The 20's.

Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
No, by 'The 20's' I don't mean the era. Though that would be something interesting to blog about (next time!)
The 20's I'm referring to is the age group of 20 - 29. I was talking with my best friend the other day about how being 22 makes me feel a certain way, just as 21 and 20 meant a specific thing to me, and 23 predicts a certain air about it as well. Ergo - I have developed a list of 'The 20's' and what I believe each age means to all of us.
I have hit the 20's. FINALLY, I'm not that ridiculously ugly age 19 anymore. I can look forward to my 21st! Let's start planning. Yes, I know I turned 20 yesterday, but these things take time.
THE BEST AGE EVER. I am young enough to still go clubbing without feeling like an old person, and old enough to chat with the parents about politics. My 21st party ended too quickly, but the year is one of the best in my life.
I'm in a lull. All my friends are getting engaged or married, and I haven't even got a boyfriend. I still have a year left at uni, and retail is getting so old it should have been retired by now.
This number I think I could get used to. Last year of uni! I can see the light. I'm still single though, and everyone is still getting married. Oh WHAT! My friend is pregnant?! ...... Fantastic! I get to buy baby clothes!
Oh crap, I have a million things to do. This rent is killing me, not to mention the car rego. And the phone bill. Did I really rack up $443 worth of calls? Oh I suppose that's from the proposal I took home with me. Bloody internet charges. What happened to lazy uni life?! Where are my sleep-ins! I am way too old to even THINK of going clubbing. Drinking? What is that? I'm in bed by 8.30pm.
I am halfway to 50. FML.
I think I'd better hurry up and get married. The clock is ticking - but I'm a workaholic. I love my job! Who needs a man really? *plays Pussycat Dolls song 'I don't need a man!' all day long*
Okay. How about, instead of meeting a man, I go travelling? Yes! What a fabulous idea! I haven't seen America yet. Hmm. Maybe, while I'm over there, I'll run into Ian Somerhalder in a grocery store. "Oh my, did I drop that pen? Silly me." *bend and snap moment* Oh he's in love with me! Marry you? Yes please! He and I would have such gorgeous-looking children.
I'm 30 in two years. Where is my life going! Thank goodness for good friends and cups of tea. I have gained 10kgs over the weekend and I'm not sure where my gym motivation has gone... Another biscuit? Yes, that will suffice.
I am 30 next year. That can't be right. America and Canada were great, but I'm still not married. My friend's kids are six years of age! *hits rock bottom, before picking self up again day before I turn 30* All is right in the world - this is your mantra. Live by it, breathe it! You are only 29 once!
And there you have it :) I wonder if I will actually live up to these predictions. I suppose we shall see.

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