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The 16 Coolest Airbnb Stays in the U.S.

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

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The coolest Airbnbs in the US. Staying in one of these unique Airbnbs will make for an unforgettable vacation even if you're staying close to home.

Whether I am travelling a distance or just looking to get away for a weekend, where I stay is really important. Sometimes the accommodation is what makes the trip a success, well most of the time to be honest.
It's important to ensure that your accommodation is just as great as the rest of your itinerary. Luckily, we've made it easy to find a unique Airbnb stay with our list. Instead of staying in a standard hotel why not try something different, like one of these cool Airbnb stays in the U.S.

The Coolest Airbnb Stays in the U.S

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

I don't know about you but spending a few nights in an old restored train car seems like a perfect idea for a unique stay. With its easy access and excellent amenities, this is probably one of the coolest Airbnbs in the U.S. This 2 sleeper offers everything from a fully equipped bathroom to wifi and streaming Netflix. It is the perfect mix of historic and modern.

Right next to the caboose you will find a kiosk that offers you the history of the Castanea Railroad Station. You'll be able to learn a little about your historic accommodation. This is one unique Airbnb stay that you won't forget in a hurry. It's the perfect addition to a short road trip.

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What's more authentically Texan than spending a few nights in a ranch right? The Twinkling Star is the perfect escape from the urban jungle, and this stone cabin is one of the coolest Airbnbs in the state.

Located right in a ranch compound, it is the perfect way to experience Texas. The decor and set up of this unique property gives you a real authentic feeling and you can even enjoy cooking the local cuisine in the pro-grade outdoor kitchen.

Volcano Hawaii

Hawaii is a top destination for many of us, but why not do something different from the usual resorts that everyone frequents. This tiny tropical treehouse is the coolest way to really explore one of the best states in the U.S. Surrounded by lush greenery, this property offers you an "off-the-grid" experience that you don't want to miss.

Enjoy your surroundings while you soak in the tub or enjoy your morning coffee while listening to the birds around you. It is the most relaxing experience you can hope for. This unique Airbnb property is very remote and you won't get good wifi. You'll also encounter some interesting wildlife including pigs, dogs and even wild cows. Don't forget your bug spray!

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Located on 10 acres of land, you'll have plenty of nature to explore and enjoy. If you love hiking as I do, then this is a great place to spend some time. Dome accommodations are some of the coolest available in the U.S in my opinion. The Mushroom Dome Retreat is a whole new and unique experience that you shouldn't miss.

During your unique Airbnb stay make sure to take some time to stargaze. On clear nights the views are spectacular. This is all about having a simple and wholesome stay. The loft offers comfort and style, a place where you can spend your time without feeling like you have to get anywhere.

They even include a popcorn machine ( I particularly love this) as well as organic necessities for your meal needs. This cool Airbnb is all about being one with nature and yourself and is one of the most relaxing places you can spend a few days.

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Staying in an original 1974 Airstream is one of the coolest Airbnb stays you will find. This accommodation is luxurious and offers you an amazing patio where you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the small avocado orchard that the Airstream sits in.

It is the perfect unique getaway that offers you a different with the added bonus of peace and relaxation. The decor is fantastic with a dash of rustic to make you feel at home. You don't want to miss this unique Airbnb stay.

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Want to stay on a farm? This is the perfect way to experience a touch of farm life without skimping on any luxuries. The host of this cool Airbnb calls this the perfect "Agritourism Destination". Located on a 96-acre farm that includes cattle, pastures, ponds and even the coolest little waterfall, this country loft is perfect if you are looking for a new experience.

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If you are considering a unique Airbnb stay, why not book into a yurt for a few days. The Paisley Paradise Yurt is one of the coolest Airbnbs in the US. This little yurt is nestled in a 20-acre forest and offers you everything you would need including an adjoining bathhouse with a clawfoot tub. It's the perfect spot to relax for a few days.

Sit at the fire pit on a clear night and enjoy some stargazing or why not take a much-needed soak in the hot tub. Take some time out to explore your surroundings or just enjoy time in this dome-shaped Airbnb without the distractions of everyday life.

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If you love the outdoors and trying out something new then this "glamping" experience is the unique Airbnb stay you have been looking for. The Rancho Tranquillo on Airbnb is all about the eco-friendly vacation. You can enjoy basic amenities such as solar power, a kitchenette and an old-fashioned outhouse.

The location is private and gives you the perfect opportunity to get away from everything and everyone. You will be secluded here and can enjoy the best that the area has to offer. You will have perfect views during of the valley and the starlit sky will leave you in amazement each evening. This is a seasonal property only open for bookings between April and October each year.

Glen Spey, New York

As far as farmhouse stays go this one is one of the coolest Airbnbs in the U.S. This historic farmhouse was built in 1850 which makes it the perfect unique stay for history buffs and those who appreciate old architecture. It also lies between two rivers in a national park. What more could you ask for!

This farmhouse stay is all about appreciating the history and charm of a historical landmark, but without having to give up any of the modern amenities that you are used to. I love that it is rustic and homely and perfect for a longer stay. They even have a cool vinyl collection for you to peruse during your stay. And if you are as outdoorsy as I am, there are some great hiking trails just a few minutes away.

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10. Underground Hygge

Orondo, Washington

For Lord of the Rings lovers, this is the coolest Airbnb stay you could wish for. This underground Hygge is located in the Columbia River Gorge mountainside and from here you can enjoy some splendid hikes, hobbit style. This little dwelling is perfect if you are looking for something different to make your stay special.

It is cosy and warm and will make you feel right at home, no matter your height. It is perfectly tucked away in the earth to give you a stay right out of a fantasy novel. Parking isn't available at the property itself and you will have to climb up a steep hill to reach it. But it just adds so much more to this experience.

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This container home can also be categorised as a tiny house too and is unique and beautiful. This two-storey container offers comfort and class with a modern touch. The decor is beautiful and offers simple and stylish comforts such as a well-lit rooftop deck.

The interior offers comfortable seating and a bedroom as well as a kitchenette that has everything that you need. Enjoy the modern and stylish bathroom located in the container itself. This place is so cool and stylish that it made me seriously consider joining the tiny house movement.

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If you really want to stay in one of the most unique Airbnb's out there, then this converted WWII train car is perfect for you. This is one of the coolest Airbnb's in the U.S and if you are a history buff then this shouldn't be missed.

This renovated train car has been featured on the Travel Channel website as well as NBC's Today show, how cool is that right? There is everything you need here including modern furniture and decor, just to remind you which decade it is. You can also make use of the outdoor fire pit and a BBQ, perfect for those relaxing evenings. There's everything you need and of course, after your stay, you get to have some serious bragging rights.

Damariscotta, Maine

Staying on a private yacht is one of the coolest experiences available on Airbnb. This is one of the most unique stays in the U.S. This small and intimate yacht, Nebi, offers you the opportunity to spend time on the tranquil waters of the Damariscotta River in Maine.

The yacht is warm and comfortable and the perfect romantic getaway. You can enjoy quiet time on the deck or relax in the comfortable interior. There are some wonderful opportunities to see seals as well as other wildlife near you.

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I love the idea of staying in a barn, especially one as chic as this one. This perfect and unique Airbnb offers you some excellent and comfortable decor that meets your every expectation. It has wide-open spaces and the cutest stylish bathroom that will meet your needs. You can enjoy a small terrace where you can relax and recuperate. There is a perfect kitchenette that offers everything you would need.

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This Earthship was first built in 1979 and has recently been refurbished. This super cool Airbnb is one of the most unique in the U.S. It is eco-friendly and offers you all the amenities you would need. This is all about the experience, and how better to try something new than stay in what the host calls a "hobbit hole".

The stay is retro and you can't help but love it. There is everything from a kitchen to a greenhouse with a shower and toilet for your convenience. The best part is that it sits right in the middle of five acres of an apple orchard. What could be more relaxing?

Honestly, what could be cooler than staying in the home of Harry Houdini? This unique Airbnb in the U.S is the most luxurious property on this list and has a special place. Harry Houdini was famous for his great escapes and other fantastic tricks. It just figures that his home, the Houdini Estate would have the same secret hideaways and tricks that are just waiting for you to discover them.

This Airbnb sleeps up to 12 people and is perfect if you want to have a special trip with friends or family that none of you will forget in a hurry. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, the estate is massive and you can spend hours exploring the hiking trails and the magnificent gardens.

The estate has some great caves and hidden tunnels that you can explore among other fantastic luxuries. These luxuries do come with a price, but I think its totally worth it to have the opportunity to explore this legendary secluded estate.

There are a lot of unique Airbnbs in the U.S. Staying in one of the coolest Airbnbs out there is a vacation in itself. Which will you try first?

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