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The 101 Routine To Reverse Sun Damage

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Reversing sun damage sounds ambitious. Let’s be clear from the start: You can’t undo what has been done on the spot. In other words, if you’re looking for a secret remedy to tame an unexpected sunburn, this is not the article for you. While direct sunlight exposure is beneficial for your mind and body, it’s fair to say that you can have too much of a good thing. After a hot summer, your hair can feel dry and brittle. Blond hair, especially, tends to take a turn for dull yellow hues. As for your skin, you may notice a lasting sensation of tightness. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, it doesn’t disappear as the sunlight reduces. While you can cover up with rich creams or vibrant hair dye, you also need to address the problem in the deeper layers of your cells. Winter is the best time to tackle the summer damages, as you’ve got plenty of time to heal before the next hot season. 

The 101 Routine To Reverse Sun Damage

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Your Hair Deserves Some Attention

You need to nourish your hair from within if you want to get it back to health. Dry hair especially can feel unruly and messy, which in turn forces you to use additional styling products and heat – and you can guess that over-styling damaged hair is the last thing you want to do. Therefore, if you find that you haven’t been able to manage your frizzy and unruly locks, you should look for a combination of products that can repair the sun damage. The Joico Defy Damage hair care line is an excellent tip for anybody who is trying to regain full hair health. It’s also a good idea to stay away from the blow dryer for a while, and embrace the natural drying process to keep heat damage to a minimum. 

The 101 Routine To Reverse Sun Damage

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Help Your Skin to Heal

Switching your skin care products for winter moisturizers is the best thing you can do to keep your skin hydrated and healthy in winter. However, if your skin isn’t healthy to begin with, then you’ll need to consider treatments that can help to heal the sun damage. You can look into professional support to boost your collagen production in the areas that have been affected by the summer sun. Med spa treatments tend to offer dedicated skin care cures, such as CO2 laser skin resurfacing, for instance, which triggers the healing process. Skin lotions can only address surface damages. 

Give Your Body The Supplements It Needs

Last but not least, your body produces its own collagen. However, this production reduces over time. Collagen promotes skin healing, elasticity, firmness, and healthy hair. If you want to reduce the visible signs of sun damage, you need to help your body boost its natural collagen production. The easiest way to get more collagen is to consume it as a supplement. Not only does it help to reduce fine lines, but it also restores moisture to the skin cells and strengthens your hair. 

Ideally, you need to protect your skin and hair from extreme sun exposure. However, once the mistake is made, the best course of action is to address the problem directly in your skin cells and hair follicles. Don’t cover it up, but build health from within!

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The 101 Routine To Reverse Sun Damage

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