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The 10 Games Every Woman Must Play in Her Relationship

By Shaybanks @dnceluv

The number one way to kill any relationship is to start losing interest in it. When you have a “been there, done that” attitude towards your relationship, it may be time to add some zest to it.

Whether you’ve been with your boo 2 weeks or 20 years, keeping the fun and sassy in the relationship is essential to making it last. Here are ten super fun couples games that will bring back that spark in no time. (Please Note: Some of these games will require some liquid courage. Make sure you have it on hand!)

1. Dare/Double Dare

 Nothing like a challenge to add some serious spark to your relationship. What should you dare? That’s up to you and your boo. You guys could go to a shopping mall and then unleash your dare/double dare challenges or you could do them from the comfort of your own home. Whatever rules you guys come up with, make sure you have LOTS of fun.

2. Twister

A good bottle of wine and a game of Twister can literally make you laugh your ass off. You can play this fully clothed, in your underwear, or in the nude. To keep it fair, you may want to have a few “lose a turn” rules. My personal rules include no farting, no hair pulling, and no tickling.

3. I’ve Never

My all time favorite “all ya need is alcohol” game. If you’ve never played, the rules are simple. Pour you and your honey a glass of wine (fill it to the brim) and then get nice and comfortable. If you’ve never done what is being said, you don’t drink. If you have, you take a sip. The objective is to get him sipping more than you. So if you know he’s been to Hawaii and you haven’t, you’d say “I’ve never been to Hawaii.” He’ll of course drink and then say his I’ve never. Use this as a way to get to know your boo all over again. 

4. Gamble

Playing poker, dominos, or craps can prove to be a hella good time. Make the rules to where the loser has to cook dinner for a week or drop an article of clothing or something else that raises the stakes. If you want to gamble in a very naught way, click here. 

5. What’s Your Fantasy?

What\’s Your Fantasy by Ludacris

This one reminds me of Ludacris’ song (check out the video).

 If you really want to get to know your boo (and yourself) play the fantasy game. All you have to do is share some of your wildest sex fantasies. You can even make categories like Oral Stimulation Fantasies, High School Fantasies, PDA Fantasies, etc. Be sure to set up some guidelines so that the both of you are free to express yourselves without ridicule or judgment. Most importantly, have FUN!

6. Random Question

This best done on index cards. You and your boo get about 25 index cards each and write down some random questions to ask each other. The sillier the questions are, the better this game will be. Some examples: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done or said to get a date? Which would you marry: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte? Why? If you had to choose between running in the Sahara or walking through Antarctica, which would you choose? If you were a piece of candy, what would you be and why? Get the gist?

7. Video Games

Guitar Hero, Wii,  and Xbox are just a few gaming consoles to choose from. Choose a game that both of you agree on and let loose. 

8. Mad Gab (and other card/board games)

 I do not recommend Monopoly unless you’re playing with other couples. Uno, checkers, chess, Connect Four and other board games are loads of fun for a couples night in. As I’ve said for the other games, make sure you create some rules and a prize for the winner (or a disastrous activity for the loser).

9. Water Balloon or Water Gun Fight

 This is one of those games that will bring out the kid in both of you. Give each other a set amount of time to prep. There’s nothing worse than being hit with his water balloon as you’re trying to fill yours up!

10. The List

This is similar to Random Question, but with a little more structure and focus. On a sheet of paper, jot down about 10-15 categories such as Movies, Cakes, Food, Cars, Cities, etc. Once you’ve listed the categories, you & your boo need to have separate sheets of paper. On your papers, you each should write down your top 5-10 items under each category. So for example, for the movie category, you would write down 5-10 of your favorite movies of all time. Once you’ve finished with that, complete the next category. It may be smart to put a time limit on completing this task. After time is up, share your answers. Take my word for it, this is actually a lot of fun and gives you an opportunity to see him through new eyes (and vice versa).   

BONUS: Cook Off or Bake Off. There is nothing better than a food competition, especially if there was a whole lotta shit talking beforehand. Recruit some neighbors or friends to taste the end results to determine the winner.

What games do you and your boo play? Share them below.

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