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The 10 Best Pokémon to Catch in Pokémon X and Y

By Boxmash

There is no right or wrong when picking your team in Pokémon X and Y, and with 718 Pokémon to choose from, it can be a hard choice. Well we’re here to help separate the Muks from the Daincies in this handy guide to the 10 best Pokémon to add to your team!


#1 Froakie


Your first big decision in the game is which Pokémon to take from your friends. This Pokémon is usually with you for the whole game, so choose wisely. In every Pokémon game, you are given a choice between a Grass type, Fire type and Water type, and in X and Y, this means either Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie.

Here, we have chosen Froakie. This bubble frog Pokémon is super cute when it starts off, but it has the added bonus of being both a water and dark Pokémon once you evolve it to its final form Greninja. It also becomes a ninja, with high speed moves! Everyone needs a ningja Pokémon on their team.

#2 Charizard


In Pokémon X and Y you are given an extra special gift when you finally meet Professor Sycamore: your choice of the original starter Pokémon that featured in the first ever Pokémon Games Red and Blue. This is another chance for you to get one of the basic Pokémon types to your team. We suggest you go for Charmander as when it evolves into Charizard it can Mega-evolve into two different forms, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y.


When Charizard holds a Charizardite X, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X. Mega Charizard X changes color and types when it Mega Evolves. It changes from a Fire and Flying-type Pokémon to a Fire and Dragon-type Pokémon, which makes more sense to us, as we always thought Charizard looked like a Dragon!


Mega Charizard Y is the result when Charizard Mega Evolves using Charizardite Y. When Charizard becomes Mega Charizard Y, its wings become larger than ever, and it gets cool pointed horns and a long tail which makes it look sleek. Mega Charizard Y’s strong point is its flying abilities – it is able to reach incredible heights!

#3 Trevenant


In order to make sure you have all three of the basic types, water, fire and grass covered, you should add Trevenant to your team.

Trevenant is an Elder Tree Pokémon which is part grass and part ghost. Using its roots as a nervous system, it controls the trees in the forest. You can find it on route 20, where they attack in hordes.

#4 Vivillon


This Bug/Flying type Pokemon has a massive eighteen different wing patterns! The type of wing pattern you receive depends on the geographic location your 3DS is set to. In order to get different types of wing patterns, you must trade for Vivillon from players across the globe, which makes this Pokémon a cool edition to your team. In order to get one of these you have to catch a Scatterbug on Santalune Forest or Route 2.

#5 Pikachu


Pikachu is one of the most famous Pokémon that ever was! Pikachu is one of the original 150 Pokémon and is an electric mouse. It is a great addition to your team in X and Y because you can catch one very early on in route 3 and it levels up quickly against all the bird type Pokémon you come across. His special characteristic, Static, also works very well in the early goings paralysing Pokemon that come in contact with them, and he is great against the first gym leader, who has bug type Pokémon.

#6 Tyrunt


Early on in the game you are given an opportunity to get a fossil Pokémon, and we suggest you pick Tyrunt. Tyrunt is a basically a live Tyrannosaurus Rex that you can unleash upon your enemies! It is the only Pokémon in existence which has a dual type of Rock and Dragon, so it is a very special addition to your team. Tyrunt is resurrected from a Jaw Fossil and evolves into Tyrantrum when leveled up during the day at level 39.

#7 Noibat


Noibat and it’s evolved Noivern are bat type Pokémon, but what is so cool about these bats is that they’re also part dragon type! Noibat’s strength is in its super-sonic waves that it emits from its ears, and even a wrestler will become dizzy and unable to stand when exposed to it! You can catch your own in Terminus Cave or Victory Road.

#8 Sylveon


Eevee gets another new evolution in Pokémon X and Y, this time to go with the new Fairy type! Eevee can only be evolved into Sylveon by maxing its affection toward you in Pokémon Amie, teaching it a fairy type move and then levelling it up by one level during the day. Sylveon is a great addition to your team as it is strong against Dragon Pokémon, and with that face, who can resist? According to the Pokédex, Sylveon even wraps its ribbonlike feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her! Find Eevee on Route 10.

Alternatively, you will soon be able to get the new Pokémon Diancie in game. Diancie is also great because it is dual type, meaning it is rock/fairy type. Its species is a Jewel Pokémon and according to the official Pokédex “It can instantly create many diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air between its hands”. How handy!


#9 Aegislash


Aegislash is basically a haunted sword which used to serve kings. Who wouldn’t want that with them on their Pokémon journey? With their ghostly powers they manipulate and control both people and Pokémon. It is also a Steel and Ghost type Pokémon, making it immune to Normal, Poison and Fighting attacks. Also Aegislash begins every match in Shield Form, which means it has extra special defence in battle. It is only when you choose to have Aegislash attack that it switches to Sword Form, swapping its high defence for high attacks!

#10 Hawlucha


Who doesn’t love a Mexican wrestler bird? Hawlucha is a great edition to any team, being that he’s immune to one of Flying type’s worst enemies: Stealth Rock Attack. Hawlucha can also learn false swipe, which is a great move to have when you are catching Pokémon as it always leaves the Pokémon with at least one energy point, making said Pokémon dead easy to catch!


Click the picture to make it big! Match an attacking Pokemon type on the left to a defending type on the right to see if they are strong or weak against them! A green box means strong, a red weak, and a white means you’ll deal normal damage with no bonuses. A black box means you’ll do no damage at all!

Now you know our pick of the bunch, but when putting a team together the most important thing to remember is there is no wrong team combination. A good tip though is balancing out your Pokémon types. Whilst it might be awesome to have a team of all Fire Pokémon, when you go up against a trainer or gym leader with a strong water-type team, you’ll be sunk! That’s why we’ve included this neat little table to help remind you what types are strong against others. A top tip to remember about the new Pokémon is that a lot of them have two types, making it easier to hit two birds with one stone.

Let us know what Pokémon you liked out of our suggestions, and what Pokémon make up your dream team!

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