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That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist

By Styleofsam @styleofsam
That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist

If any outfit could turn me into a minimalist, it would be this Everlane cocoon dress and pointed toe slides. In case you didn't know, I'd consider myself a maximalist with minimalist tendencies! LOL! I discovered Everlane during my attempted journey(s) on the Five Piece French Wardrobe. I say attempted because I've failed every single time.

That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist

That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist That Time I Almost Became a Minimalist// Photography by Angie Garcia //

Everlane is a brand that sells responsibly made products with radical transparency. Basically, what that means is that you know where the clothes are coming from and how much it costs to make them. They even have a "Choose What You Pay" section where they've overproduced an item so you choose between 3 prices that you want to pay. They are my new obsession!

Now, I can see why some of these "minimalist" are so into their capsule pieces. When I opened the box from Everlane, I gasped. The dress and slides were so gorgeous and meticulously crafted. The Japanese GoWeave material of the dress hangs so well and is a great thickness. It's substantial. The blush pink color of the slides is the perfect neutral. The slides are made in Italy so they are fabulous and luxe.

THE STYLE Rx: Looking for beautiful modern basics that are well constructed, responsibly made, and reasonably priced? Enter EVERLANE.

FIT DETAILS: Wearing size 0 in the dress. I was concerned about the arm holes but they are perfect. I could have sized up for a little more wiggle room in the hips. Wearing size 8.5 in the slides. I have wide feet so they rub at my inner arch, but it didn't cause a blister. That's one of my issues with wide feet. They are TTS, and I LOVE them.

It all made me reconsider starting the Five Piece French Wardrobe again. I've "met" two people who have truly inspired me. Maria of Savvynista did a shop her closet challenge for 365 days. She truly did it! I met her during #CABIbloggerDay. The other person that I know is Mica of Away from the Blue. She just finished a #6monthswithoutshopping Challenge. She and I have been blogging friends for years but haven't met in person (although you feel like you know the person)!

The reason why I always start those shopping challenges is that I get overwhelmed with everything in my closet which is busting at the seams. The reason why I fail... Well, I haven't quite figured that out yet! I almost started #NoBuyJuly after reading Mica's post, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up so I knew that would be an automatic FAIL! Maybe I can start #NoBuyAugust?! LOL!

What I need to really think about is 1) Why I shop { this is a fab article} and 2) Why do I fail? If I work backward, then maybe I can make some forward progress.

Happy Monday Friends! I'm packing and getting ready to head to Seattle tomorrow with the family! Traveling with littles always makes me a little nervous. Did I remember everything? How will they sleep? What will we do when we get there? Anyhow, I'm excited but apprehensive at the same time. If you have any advice for travel with kids, please share!

cocoon dress EVERLANE c/o
necklace TRIBE ALIVE {responsibly made}
earrings TRIBE ALIVE {on sale, responsibly made}
cuff CHANEL { look for less, pre-owned}
pointed toe slides EVERLANE c/o
bag GUCCI {look for less, here, and here}
sunglasses DIOR {look for less}

That Time I Almost Became a MinimalistThat Time I Almost Became a MinimalistThat Time I Almost Became a Minimalist

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