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Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}  Thanksgiving is here again! This year it's a double whammy because as some of you know we pull double duty at out home celebrating two sets of holidays & seeing as Hanukkah overlaps with Thanksgiving we are neck deep & drowning in thankfulness this year. Couple those two with the fact that we are a weak… WEAK family so the other day when it was sleeting & snowing we went ahead & put up our Christmas tree as well. Yep, we are THAT family! I figured we would be okay as long as we didn't put up the outside decorations so passersby don't know our secret shame! 
 After some serious decorating & school letting out we really tried to spend some time driving home the meaning of the holidays at the same time getting some family time in without making it seem like we were putting a gun to the kids head. Our first attempt failed! Rudolph came on last night & we were all jazzed up for it but when we sat down to watch Jayden says "Do I have to watch this? I've seen it like 1000 times… No offense" hey, the kid said no offense! I'll take it! So after that failed we tried seeing what everyone was thankful for. Zion was thankful for the dog, Annie. Dean was thankful for Momma  & Daddy. Jayden was thankful for… Minecraft!
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}
     Thankfulness, perspective, being humble is all a work in progress in our house…not just for the kids either. I know someone who need their head screwed on straight everyone once in a while because the ego gets out of hand or this person may or may not get cocky from time to time & it's also been mentioned that this person is a grumpy cuss at times too so you know…. we all could use these holidays to help ground us & remind us whats important! Oh & that person I was talking about. I know all about that person because… well… know that person well… Totally talking about my wife… yeah… super cocky, egotistical, grumpy cuss :) Please don't tell her I made that joke! She's so pretty!    On to what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving! So here is my list!!
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}I'm thankful for Minecraft! Yeah, that's right I said it! I'm thankful because not only does it hold their interest but it also is probably the best baby sitter I've ever had…yeah that's right I said that too!! What! Granted it bites you from time to time by spurring an hour explanation about minecraft & what awesome thing I NEED to know about minecraft!
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}I'm SOOOO thankful for Melatonin! I can still vividly remember the nights before our friend Melatonin came to visit when Zion would sleep 30 minutes a night. Jayden would be up 5 or 6 times. I am SO thankful for Melatonin! The fact that they make it in Gummy form so its not a fight to get them to take it is just icing on the cake! 
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}Turkey! After a long day of being a parent sometimes you HAVE to have some Turkey…Wait… Hold On…
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}aahhhh, that's better! That's the kind of Turkey I'm talkin' about! Lets try that again! I'm not saying my kids push me to have a drink sometimes… but they defiantly make me appreciate the hours of 8PM - 11PM in that magical time between when they are in bed but before I go to bed! That special time when I can watch the news, eat a bowl of the name brand ice cream that I have hidden in the back of the freezer, & at times have a big ol' glass of whiskey!
Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}I'm thankful for the odd ball crew I've been blessed with! They are unlike any other & that's A-OK with me!
Lastly…. Thanksgiving Thankfulness! {Melatonin, Minecraft, & Whiskey!}I'm thankful for this hot slice of mom! She puts up with ALOT that while are not all appropriate to tell you about here on the blog here are just a few that will help you admire her strength not to put something in my drink so she can be done with me:
- Eating bad food despite warnings from her only to complain to her after
- Randomly breaking out into song, not good songs either! Bad obscure 90's R&B & HipHop
- 70% of all things said to me end up somehow being worked into me spiting an obscure movie quote back
- That I forget something the minute she tells me only to remember & think it's an original idea a short time late & go running in to tell her!
- That even when she is sick, tired, scrubby feeling, or down right pissed off I have no sense of what good timing is & WILL make a pass at her that 80% of the time includes some type of wildly inappropriate pickup line or an outright offensive act that may or may not include things like a pat on the behind.
& that's not even the worse parts! She's an amazing woman!
Have A Great Thanksgiving & A Happy Hanukkah!

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