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Thank You To The Sea Life London Aquarium For Collecting Over 1,000 Signatures For The A-Z Animals Palm Oil Campaign

By Azanimals @azanimals
(c) SeaLife London Aquarium We would like a say an enormous thank you to the Sea Life London Aquarium for all of their help and support for our ongoing Palm Oil Campaign, which is a petition aiming to change EU legislation so that companies would have list palm oil as palm oil, rather than being allowed to mask it as vegetable oil or fat in their product's ingredients.

In late December, we received an unexpected surprise of more 1,058 signatures from the Guest Experience Team at the Sea Life London Aquarium who provided guests with information about the palm oil situation and the opportunity to sign the petition during their Rainforest Conservation Week which ran from the 12th until the 22nd of September 2012.

(c) SeaLife London Aquarium
Along with providing information about the devastating impacts of the palm oil industry, their Rainforest Conservation Week also included various displays, games and activities, along with the opportunity for guests to help to paint and enormous mural for a small donation, in order to raise money for the World Land Trust.

The Guest Experience Team told us, "This was our first Rainforest Week at the Sea Life London Aquarium and it went very successfully. We had a stand set up with members of staff there to speak to guests and raise awareness about deforestation and the problems with Palm Oil Plantations. We tried to get as many of our guests as possible to sign the Palm Oil Petition during this week and raised awareness about companies using Palm Oil in their products without having to label it, and the damage it does to the Rainforests of the world."

(c) SeaLife London Aquarium
It is incredibly heartening to have received such enormous help from them with our campaign, and the comments collected from visitors both young and old are vital in helping us to change the situation for the sake of the rainforests and the animals that live there.

If you would like to know more about the work conducted by the Sea Life London Aquarium during their Rainforest Conservation Week, or find out about upcoming Conservation Weeks (including Whale Week which starts on February 9th 2013) then please visit their website.

For further information about the effects of the palm oil industry and to add your name to the petition, please visit the A-Z Animals Palm Oil Campaign. If you would like to contribute by collecting signatures for our campaign, petitions can also be printed here.

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