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Thank You 2020

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
Grateful for...
  • keeping me and my family safe during this pandemic.
  • having a job that transitioned to a work from home setup quickly.
  • the company I work for for deciding to continue the WFH setup throughout the year. Saved me a lot of time on the road!
  • the time to catch up with my blog (in other words, reminisce about past trips):
    • finally finished my Kansai Diaries Series, a solo trip I did in autumn of 2016.
    • wrote about my visits to Nagoya, Inuyama, Toyota, Chino and Suwa Cities...a few of the cities days I visited in the Chubu region in autumn of 2017.
    • started and finished (woohoo!) my Hokkaido Series, a solo trip I did in the scorching Japanese summer of 2018.
    • wrote about the sites I visited in Seoul in autumn of 2018.
    • started and finished (double woohoo!) my Taipei 2019 Series.
    • published blogposts about Tokyo, just a portion of the Kanto exploration that happened in autumn of 2019.
      • Food for the Eyes and Food for the Mouth at Asakusa
      • A Day at Ueno Park
      • Tokyo Sights Using the Toei 1-Day Pass
      • Teamlab Borderless
      • Escape to Mount Takao
    • I have to work harder though: I still have a lot of backlog!
  • more time to read, which prompted me to resurrect the Go Read section of this blog.
  • discovering delicious home-cooked food, which inspired me to write QuaranEats Series.
  • the readers of this blog...are you still there? :D

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