Thank God Its Friday!

Posted on the 23 May 2014 by Mary Ughojor @marypebbles1
Thank Friday!
Hello guys!
Yay! Thank God is Friday *dancing*  no, I don’t work yet. I am just happy for my cousin and friends who have to wake up very early in the morning every single day of the week to go their various places of work. Seriously, thank God, because if I hear my cousin whine and grumble about work just once, am going to cut off my middle finger.
I was rather grumpy and peeved this morning because on top of the fact that I had a terrible dream that angry dogs with fireballs for eyes were snapping my legs like twigs (please remind me not to read Harry Porter late into the night again), I woke up to the rackets of my neighbor. He always has this habit of banging plates, pots and whatever early in the morning. Sometimes I wonder if he does it deliberately, maybe he has Insomnia and he is pissed that people can sleep at night when he can’t *shrugs* people can be quite bitter. That leads me to this post I stumbled upon yesterday on facebook.                                    Thank God Its Friday!
This post was obviously written in anger, contempt and bitterness and I begin to wonder what must have triggered this kind of behavior for someone to compose such (who is seeking attention now? Duh!). This is a rather myopic way of reasoning; Great minds do not have time for unnecessary banter. You sit down and waste the whole day judging and criticizing people and what they do but what you fail to realize is that, these people are touching the lives of many in whatever little way they can. whatever makes you think you are better than them? keep up with such behavior and see how far you turn out in life.Wow! Enough of the lecture, at least one good thing came out from that post. I made a friend in Blogsville and she is Oluchi of Up-Close and Personal with Chi. Hahaha! After seeing her comments on the facebook post, you wouldn’t want to cross her part (Oluchi, I see you).Writing this particularly short post has sapped my energy (who says blogging was easy?) and now I’m craving for something ‘sugar-full’ like cake. I must say, I am a big fan of cakes. (Test) If you offend me and I am raving mad and just want to strangle you, (expo) just shove a cake in my hand (result) I would hug and all would be forgiven. Yeah! That’s how much I love cakes. Please if you are in Abuja, one place to get your cakes from is Chloe’s Cupcakes Heaven in wuse or you can order online. Their cakes are really made in heaven; one bite will make you swoon…okay okay, not really. Let me not exaggerate like my friend Chioma.Thank God Its Friday!Thank God Its Friday!                                   
Actually, Chioma introduced me to Chloe’s Cupcake and the way she talked about it got me aching to go that minute. She said “Chloe’s Cupcakes is the best I have ever tasted, in fact, if I were in Lagos I would hop on a flight to Abuja just to have a bite of Chloe’s cake” and I was like “Ehen?” and she was like “I swear” and I was like “okay o, I cant wait”. So, some days later, I hopped on a ‘kabu kabu’ bus to Chloe’s Cupcakes. Nice place, Cakes well displayed… but I swear, Chioma can exaggerate sha o. The cakes were very delicious but she got me hoping for more. I should have known. Back in our secondary school days, If Chioma says “Chai, I saw this guy today eh, he was the cutest guy I have ever seen” please it would do you good to expect less or if she tells you about a particular movie and stresses on how interesting it is, please don’t even watch it. You will only get yourself all worked up.Thank God is Friday, be good, i will be back.

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