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Texas School Yard Recieves Incoming Fire - Two Boys Shot

Posted on the 14 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
Seattlepi reports on the latest insanity from the Lone Star State. Two boys were shot while trying out for the basketball team.  They were 13 and 14 years old and by pure chance are in stable condition.
Investigators have questioned three men who were found on adjacent ranchland after the shooting Monday evening. Two were practicing target shooting about a half mile from the school. A third was an illegal immigrant with an assault rifle who was trespassing on the property. The target shooters were released, but are still under investigation. The other man remained in custody. Investigators didn't know if any of them fired the shots.
Is that a riot or what. Naturally the Mexican is in jail and the two local good-ole-boys are not.
But never fear, these rural Texas folks have a solution.
With no Texas law prohibiting hunting on private land near a school and high-powered rifles that can fire more than a mile, school officials said the most immediate way to protect students might be building a cinder-block wall around two sides of Harwell Middle School to protect it from flying bullets.
A cinder block wall, sort-of like the ones used in prisons. We certainly couldn't consider disarming the idiots who've demonstrated such a total lack of concern for their neighbors, or even limiting the range of their sacred hunting grounds. No, not in Texas.
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