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Texans Disagree With Cruz About Marijuana Legalization

Posted on the 13 January 2014 by Jobsanger
Texans Disagree With Cruz About Marijuana Legalization Like many other right-wingers, Ted Cruz rarely misses an opportunity to attack president Obama. Last Friday, speaking to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, he took another swipe at the president -- accusing him of being "lawless" (ignoring federal laws to impose his own desires on the American people).
He was talking about President Obama's instructions to the Justice Department to allow the states of Colorado and Washington to proceed with their legalization of marijuana without federal interference. The crazy part about what he said is that, like other right-wingers, Cruz is a proponent of states rights -- and yet he is proposing the federal government should overrule the desires of the people of those two states (who voted in a free election to make their own decision about the legality of marijuana).
And making matters even worse, at least for Cruz, is the fact that the people of Texas would like to see marijuana legalized, regulated, and taxed in their own state -- just like it has been in Washington and Colorado. That's what a Public Policy Polling survey (done for the Marijuana Policy Project) showed. The survey was done between September 27th and 29th of 2013 of 860 randomly chosen Texas voters, and had a margin of error of 3.3 points. It seems that all groups would favor the legalization of marijuana -- except for Republicans (and nearly half of them would be in favor). The results of the poll are illustrated in the chart below:
Texans Disagree With Cruz About Marijuana Legalization

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