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Testosterone Supplements and Its Effect on Sperm Production

By Randycrews987
Whenever married couples are faced with trials of infertility, sometimes an overload of accessible information can be hard to take in. Before being examined by specialists, a lot of couples will try every form of self-treatment that will most benefit them. If its advises from family members or friends, or searching for solutions through the web, they may start treating themselves. But regrettably, what they think is treatment may be in fact just dropping their chances.
Testosterone Supplements and Its Effect on Sperm Production
In situation like this, for men if they think they are having infertility problems they would just start using testosterone. Because I hear a lot of things from the radio telling me that using testosterone will help me improve my sexual functionality, bring back my virility, and will make more of a man. This I think will help me when it comes to my probability of conception. Right?
WRONG!It may sound weird because testosterone is said to be the hormone that makes a man. But taking in large quantities of such supplement can cause an alteration of the body to produce sperm.
Sure, testosterone is responsible to make sperm, but having an increased level of this will possibly shut down the pituitary gland – the gland that controls the sperm making ability of the testes.
So in short, avoid from taking testosterone supplements.
Nothing can be far from the truth. Testosterone supplements can be way of contraception and also decreasing the sperm count to zero in a lot of cases. Men who have used testosterone, either prescribed by physicians or just taking them illicitly, it is fooling the body into thinking that has sufficient testosterone but instead it creates less for its own. The unforeseen result is the lowered production of sperm. Our body requires its own testosterone in producing sperm, and it can’t use that which is given from an outside source. Regrettably, this idea is not broadly acknowledged by doctors or even urologists, and is very common for a lot of men to have this method of treatment.
I often see a lot of men who have finally decided to get themselves tested for fertility when they are not able to conceive, and sometimes their result of routine semen analysis is zero. After discussion, it is found out that have been taking testosterone or taking other sort of supplement. Luckily, discontinuing testosterone intake will instantly let the body continue on the production of sperm in just months. Sometimes, supplementary treatments can be given to accelerate this process.
Actually it’s a very simple idea but one that requires a lot of awareness. Men, if you’re having trouble when it comes to fertility, then avoid taking testosterone. And if you are taking testosterone for different reasons, know that this might be the very reason why you can’t conceive. The very treatment that you think that’s helping you could just be the primary reason that is preventing from achieving your dream.

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