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Test Your Recycling Knowledge.

Posted on the 25 September 2018 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

OTOH upped the ante in the comments here:
Pre-sorting your waste is no biggie... to more-or-less try to get it right for adults, but my council puts bossy warning stickers on the bin if you get it wrong. My children try. e.g. Pringles seem cardboard to them, but it has silver foil on the inside and is unrecyclable. For many things I am supposed to peel off the thin plastic film on the top to throw away, but recycle the plastic tray. Other things say 'refer to the recycling policy in your area.'
So either the recycling policy is not very strict, which makes the 'product' unusable other than for burning so this is all just virtue signalling, or the council policy is very strict, which certainly makes the obligation a "biggie"
Test your knowledge
Recycling cardboard - should you remove all the sticky tape?
Cooking oil - do you pour your cooking oil into a plastic bottle and place it in your food caddy, or absorb it in newspaper and dispose of in your caddy?
Wrapping paper - recyclable?
Unused tissues - recyclable?
Black plastic plant pot - recyclable?
There are 50 types of plastic, but only 6 are labelled. Which of those labelled 1-6 can be recycled?
Can triggers can be left on cleaning product bottles and pumps on soap bottles?

Knowing full well that I'll get most of these wrong, I will venture:
- Yes
- Neither. Take the bottle of oil to the recycling center and dispose of there.
- Yes
- Yes
- I take them back to the garden center if I can, if not I chuck them in the plastic.
(I've a nasty feeling they're not recyclable, going by the question).
- Not the foggiest
- I remove the metal bits and put them in the metal.

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