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Tesco Does Flower Delivery

By Evette Garside @evette77

Well this week has not been a good one, yet again. I have been feeling quite low and was in need of a little cheering up.

Today thanks to Tesco, did cheer me up a little with the arrival of some beautiful bouquets, through the new Tesco flower delivery service which is available via Tesco Direct.

There are many different flower bouquets to choose from with the price range between £20-£50. Bouquets come with many flower varieties and colours.

The flowers are delivered on a day of choice. The total price of the bouquets is the full price including courier delivery.

Tesco does Flower Delivery

I was given £45 to spend on the flower delivery service. As you can see they come in rather large and very strong boxes. The flowers are very well packaged and secured, so much so that I actually found it difficult getting them out of one of the boxes.

I chose two bouquets - Cerise rose & Lily and a White rose bouquet.

Each bouquet comes with a glass vase which is a really good idea as I do not possess a vase in my house. They also come with 2 satchets of flower food.

Tesco does Flower Delivery

Full instructions are provided inside the box. I did have to trim the flowers and remove many of the leaves before putting them in water.

Tesco does Flower Delivery

Tesco does Flower Delivery

And now my home is full of beautiful cheery sweet smelling flowers. I do love the scent of fresh flowers.

With the flowers comes the option to include a little personalised card to, so I wrote these cards to my children as unfortunately I don't have anyone to send flowers to😓.

Tesco does Flower Delivery
Tesco does Flower Delivery

You can order fresh flowers via the Tesco direct website and send them to any address in the UK.

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