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Terra Cotta Reds

By Kate_miller

Terra Cotta Reds

Chuparosa in full bloom.

The desert is changing color!
Terra Cotta Reds

When I arrived, in late January, it was yellow. Perky little daisies - Brittle Brush - everywhere I went.

Terra Cotta Reds

Desert Globe Mallow

Two weeks later, Globe Mallow began to blossom, giving the desert a brand new, and bright orange, personality.
I happily wasted the better part of an afternoon meandering Spur Cross Ranch, to photograph this pretty girl.
Terra Cotta Reds

And, then came the reds. That gorgeous, jaw-dropping, terra cotta red. The color I always think of when I'm thinking of the desert Southwest.
This is the Ocotillo - bursting forth on 6 -10 foot tall, gangly, prickly stems with stunning clusters of (edible!) red blooms.
Terra Cotta Reds

And, right when I thought it couldn't get any prettier... up pops a POPPY!
Terra Cotta Reds

Well, not just one Poppy. Plentiful Poppies! Mexican Poppies blanketing the hillsides.

Terra Cotta Reds

I don't remember her name. Horses are the only thing we have in common.

It inspired a horse back ride with a few new friends - who quite literally met up on a horseback riding bulletin board because we wanted to ride and we didn't want to ride alone. (Having a horse is not much different than taking your pup to a dog park. It takes like 5 minutes to meet great people who are a lot like you.)
Terra Cotta Reds

I'm not sure why I love horses so much. But, sometimes I think the #1 reason is because it's a whole lot easier to climb those high hills when the horsie is doing most of the work! :)

Terra Cotta Reds

Cave Creek, Arizona, is a crazy, eclectic horse town.

We rode into town, tied our horses to a hitching post, outside the restaurant, and had ourselves some lunch ~ cowgirl style!
Then, we took the long way home.
Terra Cotta Reds

Where I spotted some purples and blues.
Shock o' the world, there is a Desert Lupine! And, what appears to be a Canterbury Bell! (I don't know the correct names of these.)
I'm from Minnesota - where Lupines shrug off that ridiculously cold weather...
Terra Cotta Reds

It's so hard to imagine they would grow well down here. But, I guess we all flourish with a wee bit o' sunshine.
Here's hoping y'all had a wonderful week.
~ kate
* I rented my house to a snow lover, in exchange for this house, in sun country. I'm visiting Cave Creek, AZ for 6 weeks this winter. My! How time flies! Next week, it is time to go home.
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