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Teres: A Review

By Akklemm @AnakaliaKlemm

Teres: A ReviewAnakalian Whims:

I will recommend Teres every day, every time, to every reader…

Teres: A ReviewOriginally posted on CoffeeScribble:

“…So we’ve got this plane ride to see to its end….a millionaire to embody, and your body to recover, if possible. Oh yeah, and a world to recover from the maniacal powers that be. Did I miss anything?”



As someone who generally does not pick up dystopian novels, I found myself more than surprised by Teres. Set in the near-apocalyptic future, the reader is allowed a glimpse in the life of this remarkable woman named Teres. I say glimpse, because we meet her just before everything in life she has ever known changes…for good. From the get go you are thrown into the middle of this off kilter world and submersed into Teres’s life, I enjoyed the element of living in her thoughts and getting to be an onlooker as she works everything out. But don’t worry, if you’re a fan of action this story is not just…

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