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Teochew Braised Duck 潮州卤鸭

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
2 years ago, I am blessed to befriended a group of ladies who enjoy cooking so much.  We tried to meet up monthly for a cook out session.  I learnt alot from them.  As I don't have a chance to eat duck at home (can you believe my Teochew hub dislike duck?), I actually proposed we cook duck during one of the session.
We invited A's mother in law to teach us this Teochew Braised duck 潮州卤鸭 as A said her MIL's Teochew Braised Duck is superb.  After watching her prepared the duck, my whole perception of cooking duck changed.
My initial thought that cooking duck is a very tedious job but it turned out not so intimidating after all and the cooking time is not too bad as well.  This is a perfect one dish meal as you get a choice to include tofu and eggs as well.
I must say, it tasted really really good.  Don't have that gamey taste at all as she taught us how to remove those parts that gives off these gamey taste.
Teochew Braised duck 潮州卤鸭
I have to bring this to my parents' house to chop them up as I am not good with cutting up poultry nicely.  In the meantime, a chance for me to share this duck with my parents.
This was how it looks like after my "class".
Teochew Braised duck 潮州卤鸭
I added chicken for hub while the kids and I will have this for our dinner.
Source: Aunt Christine
What you need:
1.5 kg duck cleaned with smelly parts removed from head and butt 4 pcs star anised2 tbsp salt½ tbsp pepper200ml dark soy sauce100ml Hua Tiao or red wine (I used red wine)1 knob blue ginger bruised50ml of light soy sauce11 pcs of garlic, bruised with skin on½ tsp cinnamon powder1 stick of cinnamon stick1 liter of water
Blanch duck in boiling water.  Remove duck and drain water.
Bring water to boil.
Add the above ingredients into the big wok and bring to boil again.
Add the duck into it and boil for 20 mins with lid uncovered.
Turn duck after 20 mins and continue to let it simmer for one hr with lid covered.
Add in the innards and continue to boil for another ½ hour. 
At the last ½ hour, remove oil from sauce, add in tau kwa and hard boiled egg.  Total cooking time is 1½ hour.
Garnish with coriander and cucumber sliced.
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