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Tennis Fashion Fix: French Open 2013

By Kselz @TennisFixation

Maria-Sharapova-Serena-Williams-French-Open-2013We have our women’s singles finalists for the 2013 French Open!  It will be American powerhouse Serena Williams and returning champ Maria Sharapova who will meet tomorrow on Court Philippe-Chartrier at Roland Garros.  I, for one, am really excited to see the two best women in tennis (in my opinion) meet up in the final.

I’m less excited, however, about what they’re wearing.  I’ve been waiting on saying something about these outfits, thinking they’d grow on me and I’d get to where I liked something about them.  After two weeks of trying, all I can say is . . . meh.  While I like the straps on Maria’s dress and I like Serena’s head wrap and wrist bands, I don’t think that’s a very resounding recommendation for either of these outfits.

So let’s start with Maria.  Sometimes Maria Sharapova wears a dress that’s a winner.  Sometimes she wears something that is absolutely dreadful.  The problem with Sharapova’s 2013 French Open look is that it’s just so BORING.  Really.  Here’s a look:


She’s wearing the Nike Premier Maria Tennis Dress.  The colors are Canyon Purple, Pure Violet and Volt.  Which translates to a dark purple with a grayish tint, a very grayish lavender, and a lime-y yellow on the straps.  I like the cut and fit and really like the way the straps add a much-needed pop of color but overall this dress doesn’t do much for me.  And I don’t understand the color choice at all.  I know that a big factor contributing to the choice is that Nike wants something that will stand out on the red Roland Garros clay for TV.  But surely there are better color choices out there – turquoise or electric blue seems like it would look better on TV and on Maria.

I do, however, like the long-sleeved top that Maria has worn over the dress in some of her more chilly matches.  Here’s a shot of that:


This top is in the same grayish Canyon Purple color and, while I’m not a fan of the color, I do like the 3/4 length sleeves and the asymmetrical neckline.  So that’s kind of a positive thing to say, right?

As for the Serena Williams dress, it has the same problem as Maria’s – just boring.  Here’s a better look at Serena’s dress:

This is the Nike Women’s Wrap Knit Tennis Dress in Squadron Blue with Bright Citrus highlights.  Squadron Blue turns out to be a dark blue with a grayish cast to it!  What is with the gray, Nike?  Thank goodness that Bright Citrus is an almost fluorescent orange.  I love the Bright Citrus.  However, I don’t think it’s a very good recommendation for a dress when I say I like the head band, the under shorts, the wrist bands, and even the little Nike swoosh on the dress better than I like the dress itself.

My conclusion – so much for the Nike dresses of the 2013 French Open.  I’m not impressed.  But there is a bright note in all this gray – I’m sure the tennis these two will be playing tomorrow will be absolutely fabulous, boring dresses aside.  I’ll be watching.  Will you?


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