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Tennis Elbow? Try This

By Kselz @TennisFixation
Tennis Elbow? Try ThisOne of my favorite tennis sites is because it brings together all kinds of great info regarding health, nutrition, fitness, diet, and injury prevention with a very specific focus on tennis. A recent post that caught my eye was Simple Exercise Relieves Tennis Elbow Pain. I myself have previously posted about the horror of tennis elbow. Just check out Tennis Elbow (Part 1) - What Is It? and Tennis Elbow (Part 2) - How To Treat It. As these posts point out, up to half of all tennis players will deal with tennis elbow at some point in their tennis-playing careers. So the article is great in that it highlights an exercise that's easy to do at home to deal with this often debilitating injury. It includes links to video demonstrations showing you how this simple exercise, which involves twisting a small rubber bat or baton, is performed. To me, it looks like something you could do on the court while watching other matches. Or wherever. Head over to to check out this great article and then see what else they have to offer - I guarantee you'll find something useful to help your game.
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