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Ten Years “Images of Synthesis”

By Luphil

For 19 years, 1990 – 2009, I didn’t paint anything. I felt I would never paint again. The creative streak was frozen, hidden under a veil deep within.

In November 2009, during a deep and long crisis, I experienced two intense night inner openings. Suddenly there was an urge to express these experiences on paper, and so the series “Images of Synthesis” started.

On Friday the 27th of November 2009, I bought paper, colours, and paint-brushes. The next day I started the first painting, not knowing that it was a new beginning. I started painting on a photo which I had shot some days before. After painting, I scanned the picture, printed it, worked on it with pencils, scanned it again and then worked again on it on the screen, increasing the brightness of the colours: My new technique was born. I use it to this day, refining the procedure with every work done.

More and more, I realised that the images were not from me but through me. Often I was much surprised about what came out. Doing these paintings is an activity full of unforeseen, done besides many other activities.

Upto now, there are 151 images. They are available for free download on the website with the paintings (I had done about 80 prints on aluminum dibond and framed hi-res prints – resting in the basement – I stopped doing so; there was not much interest in them).

Since April 2010, I have been working on the “Spiritual Astrology Paintings”. I recently finished the 10th annual cycle, with 12 paintings each – 120 paintings – as part of the Images of Synthesis series. I did a photo-book with the last three annual cycles, until Pisces 2020 – so it will have to wait for some more months.

The “Images of Synthesis” are also published on the Good-Will website, with short extracts of the wisdom teachings of the World Teacher Trust, giving the inspiring idea. You find them also on Facebook and on Flickr.

Will the work continue? I do not know. It is not my planning but depends on the inner impulse. But upto know there is a “green light” to continue.

Here you can see the first five images of the series – and you find explanations on the website (series “Subtle Worlds”).

Ten Years “Images of Synthesis”
Adoration of the Sun, through the 5 Elements
29 November 2009
Ten Years “Images of Synthesis”
Kundalini Ascent – Higher Bridge Beginning
Beginning of December 2009
Ten Years “Images of Synthesis”
Dance of the Flying Serpents, the Initiates, around the World Teacher
Beginning of December 2009
Ten Years “Images of Synthesis”
Descent of the Avatar from Sirius to Earth via the Comet – 1
13 December 2009
Ten Years “Images of Synthesis”
Descent of the Avatar from Sirius to Earth via the Comet – 2
the same image as the one before, I casually held a lamp behind the picture.

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