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Ten Ways to Enjoy a Creme Egg That Are Not a Creme Egg!

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

If you enjoy munching Cadburys Creme Eggs no matter what time of the year it is you might want to try one or more of these foods. They are all Creme Egg flavoured or contain the real thing in some way. But it has to be said some of them are a little...weird...

Creme Egg Mayonnaise

What could make that Mayonnaise dip even tastier? What about throwing in some bits of Creme Egg just to give it a sweet kick! Seriously, this is not a good start to this list at all, in fact, it is wrong on so many levels.

Creme Egg Chocolate Bar

Now we are talking! If you like the little mini Creme Eggs you will enjoy a whole bar of them! Each little chunk of this bar has delicious Creme Egg inside of it and I want to eat the whole thing!

Creme Egg Oreo Cookies

I'm partial to an Oreo cookie now and again, but I think I would have to eat the whole pack of these. Each one a little Creme Egg with a cookie to seal it all in. This is something that might not get shared a lot.

Creme Egg Cookies

I don't need to guess what these Creme Egg Cookies taste like because I have personally downed more packs than I would ever care to admit to. And yes, they taste amazing!

Creme Egg Minis Ice Creams

If you don't want a whole tube of Creme Egg ice-cream you could always munch on these little bad-boys. Easy one has a little cone and a chocolate-covered top filled with Creme Egg ice-cream. Once again, with only 8 in a pack, these are not for sharing!

Creme Egg Cupcakes

Why go through all the hassle of making your own Creme Egg Cupcakes when you can buy them in the shop! While I have to say these are not the best tasting they are enough to get rid of that Creme Egg fix we are all craving when it isn't anywhere near Easter time.

Creme Egg Dessert

It is called "layers of joy" and while I am not a fan of this personally it does still give you that Creme Egg taste we are all craving. It's not often I say this, but it is a big pot of dessert, so you might want to consider sharing it with the family.

Creme Egg Cake Bars

If cupcakes are not your thing why not go for one of these little cake bars that are the perfect treat to up in any lunch box. Although I would have to say I would prefer the whole box to be in my own lunch box and very little else.

Creme Egg Rum

While this isn't an official product it is still a Creme Egg fix that some of us might want to try, I've never been a rum drinker, but this flavour might make me try it.

Creme Egg Splats

Some of you might remember these as something long gone, but in some can still get them! They were essentially little "splatted" creme eggs and each one was individually wrapped making them even more special. I would often splat a whole pack of these into my mouth.

Do you know of any more Creme Egg foods? Which one would you try? Do leave a comment in the box below.

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