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Ten Unusual Gift Ideas For People Who Love Rubber Ducks

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Do you know someone who has more rubber ducks than they know what to do with? If you do you are probably wondering what to get them as a gift, but not yet another rubber duck. The good news is there are things you can get them that might look like rubber duckies, but in fact, they are something a lot more useful...

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While it didn't make it onto my list of ten unusual and crazy tea infusers it is still a good gift idea for those rubber duckie lovers. Once they made bathtime so much fun, now they make tea drinking fun as well!

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I'm not sure what office or event situation requires rubber duck cufflinks, but I am sure someone who loves their rubber ducks will enjoy wearing them regardless of the situation.

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If you want to show your love for rubber ducks, but also want to keep that love a secret you could always wear these socks with some very long trousers. Or maybe just wear them around the house.

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You could use them for Halloween, Christmas or just some nice lights to hang around the house. Weirdly the only place you can't use them is in the bathroom!

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If you are lucky enough to have a large pool at home you might want to get one of these ride-on rubber ducks. It's more fun than bringing a small one to the bathtub that is for sure.

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If you paint your own nails at home maybe this small nail dryer shaped like a rubber duck will make that chore a little more fun. I'm not sure how good it is when it comes to drying the nails, but you would be quackers to expect miracles from it.

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You might have thought you could play some good tunes on a speaker shaped like a rubber duck, but I found the sound quacked and cracked a lot. Just joking, I am sure it is fine (in a cheap-sounding way).

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If you liked all the weird and unusual washing-up brushes I have already showed you, you might want to add one more to that list and use some rubber duckie power to get those dishes clean.

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If you don't mind the world knowing you love rubber ducks, you might want to carry a load of ducks around with you in this rather decent sized backpack. You would be quackers not to get one! (yeah, I know I have overused that pun, but I really don't know any others).

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We all know ducks cna fly, but can rubber ducks? Well...not all of them, but this small RC quadcopter shaped like a rubber duck can. Just make sure it doesn't land in the bathtub when flyingit around the bathroom.

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