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Ten Things You Don't Need This Spring

By Dieworkwear @dieworkwear


Lists about “spring essentials” are the worst, either because they’re about things that are obviously not essential, or they’re about things so basic, they’re mind numbingly boring. So, I bring you my list of ten non-essentials: utterly superfluous things that no one needs, but I’ve been eyeing as spring collections roll in: 

  • Russell Moccasin boots: Yes, I’ve been getting into workwear. And these Russell Moccasin boots look like they’d go great with jeans.
  • Chimala workshirt: Unionmade just received their new Chimala stock. I really like this washed chambray shirt, which J. Crew has for $50 less. There’s also a nice washed chambray at RRL
  • Stephan Schneider cardigan: This hooded cardigan looked so good on Kyle that I bought one for myself. Something slouchy and casual to be worn with jeans and a t-shirt this summer.
  • Saint Laurent suede leather Harrington: The jacket I want most this season. Ignore Mr. Porter’s terrible styling and trust me that it looks great when worn. Slightly trucker-jacket-like cut with a high stance collar. 
  • Drake’s pocket square: Printed cotton pocket squares are great with linen or tropical wool jackets. Drake’s has a nice one this season inolive and tan
  • Nigel Cabourn Canadian jacket: There are some great details on this new military inspired jacket — the large buttoned pockets, high stance collar, and asymmetrical RiRi zip closure. The jacket looks good closed, but even better open, as then you get a nice lapel line. End has good photos.
  • Remi Relief sweatshirt: Remi Relief is a new Japanese label reworking Californian surfer and skater styles (seemingly from the ’90s). This washed out pink sweatshirt looks like it’d be a good layering piece. Related? This pink chambray from Todd Snyder.
  • Inis Meain linen sweater: My favorite spring/ summer knitwear, which I recently bought another one of in slate blue. For those who want different colors, No Man Walks Alone is taking custom orders until tomorrow.
  • Common Projects sneakers: Was really disappointed to see these basketball high tops sell out in my size. They look like they’d go well with a soft leather jacket. 
  • Flat Head shirts: Not for summer at all, but I want some more Flat Head shirts. They make the best flannels I’ve ever worn. 

Bonus: Since everything above is pretty expensive, I thought I’d include some more affordable buys. Things I’ve come across so far in stores:

  • J. Crew field jackets: J. Crew brought back their Garrison fatigue jacket. I’ve always thought this was a really underrated piece as far as affordable outerwear goes. Obviously, to play J. Crew’s game, you should wait for one of their coupon codes. It’s available now for 25% off. If this Ventile jacket ever hits 50% off, it might also be a great buy. Lightweight, water-resistant, and very quiet, Ventile has been used by a number of military forces.
  • Brooks Brothers field jacket: I tried this spring parka on recently and thought it looked pretty nice with chinos. The stand up collar (which hides a hood) helps frame the face without forcing you to do something as awful as popping your collar. 
  • Club Monaco bomber: Get on the MA-1 hype train with this sateen bomber. The downside is that, with no real filling, this jacket doesn’t puff in the same way more expensive bombers do. The upside is that it costs $198, or $150 if you use one of their coupon codes or student discounts.

Bonus Bonus: Want to hear some great news? Viberg plans to rerelease the Apsley boot they did with Nigel Cabourn. I’m told details have yet to be finalized, but it will be happening this fall. Here’s to hoping the rerelease will be available at non-Nigel Cabourn prices. 

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