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Ten Things I Love For Spring

By Cait @caitscozycorner
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Happy Friday friends! Today is super exciting because I'm heading downtown Chicago with my family to look at a few venues for my sister! She recently became engaged to her sweet boyfriend Dan and we could all not be more excited for her and they start the wedding process. We have a few other things planned before we head out this weekend to get back to Atlanta and see the kids. I can't believe we'll be back again soon and then a few short weeks later, we'll officially be back. You'll see what I mean ;)
I wanted to share a few of my favorite items with you in hopes that you'll love them or already love them just as much as me!
1. Favorite Place To Get SwimSuits - I've finally being ready to get some new swimsuits for the upcoming warmer weather. I loved this one and this one but I mostly get a few of them from Amazon and SheIn because they are less expensive and way too cute to pass up!
2. Favorite Pizza Topping - I love a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis. What? Haven't heard of them! They are the best pizza in the whole wide world. Come to Chicago sometime and I'll take you. I promise it's worth it.
3. Favorite Shoes - I love all these espadrilles because they are so comfortable but I seriously adore all of these great sneakers  I've been looking.
4. Favorite SkinCare For Spring - Clearisonic has had my heart the last few years and I don't go anywhere with out. In order to keep my skin feeling fresh and clean, I always get this one. I also love these 5 step therapy treatment kit. It leaves my skin
5. Favorite Cleaning Products - I've attempted to switch our family to a more clean and green household products when it comes to cleaning and I recently came across the Mrs. Meyers basic kitchen clean day online and am loving the results, the smell and the price point! I love the lemon smell too!
6. Favorite Laundry Detergent - As spring approaches I love opening the windows, letting fresh air in and actually making sure all our clothes and sheets are freshly washed. My favorite laundry detergent is only $24 or $17 for a small one and I can't share how happy I've been with ( more on that HERE ). You'll love it too.
7. Favorite Quote From FRIENDS- I think a few of you know how much I love the show FRIENDS and while there are several hysterical quotes throughout all 10 seasons, a few that stand out to me are as follows: "PIVOT" because if you haven't watched the blooper section of it, you're missing out and "It's A MOO Point"
8. Favorite Garment Gadget - I hate when my sweaters start to pillow and thought I could do nothing about it until a friend told me about this incredible fabric pillow shaver and I had to have it ( plus its only $10 ) It's a game changer and takes only seconds to use! Now my sweaters are ready to go into storage without me worrying about all those pills.
9. Scallop Shorts- I'm actually a huge fan of cute shorts and over the years have really found it difficult to find shorts that are not only flattering but comfortable. These scallop shorts caught me while shopping the other and I grabbed a few other colors too. They are perfect and on sale too!
10. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler - I recently just purchased this because so many bloggers shared their love of this incredible hair dryer and styler on Insta Stories over the last few weeks. Although I have super super SUPER thick hair, it does take me a little longer myself for my hair to dry using it. Plus, it's on sale right now so you don't want to miss out!
What are you super excited to purchase for Spring? 
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