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Ten Sure-fire Ways to Win More While Playing Slot Games Online

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Let's get the facts straight first, there is no way to cheat, predict or even "game" a slot machine, especially when playing slot games online. But that doesn't mean you can't win more! It just means you have to gamble a lot smarter...

Only Play With Free Spins

You will get emails all the time offering you free spins on certain slot games, so why not just use those free spins! Sure, they won't send you many if that is all you do, but you could always join lots of online casino sites and do the same thing over and over.

Only Spin the Bonus Deposit Amount

Have you been offered an extra 50% on top of your next casino deposit? Why not just use that 50%! It means you are not spending a single penny of your own money and you might win big, without spending a single penny!

Never Auto-Spin

This method is not going to help you win more per spin, but it will make your money last longer which will make you feel like you are winning a lot more when you look at how much you have already spent. This way you can play for much longer and that means more fun.

Bet Less Per Spin

If you keep the bet per spin lower you will be able to play a lot longer and that will help you feel like you are winning a lot more. Playing slots is all about the thrill of each spin, so why not enjoy that thrill for as long as you can. This way even the smallest of wins can take you over your original budget.

Take The Loss and Walk Away

Never, ever chase your losses. It will be hard to walk away from a slot game that has taken all your money, but in doing so will mean you won't lose any more. Try a different game, or try something entirely different like a table game instead. By doing this over time you will notice you end up with a lot more in your wallet.

Stay Compos Mentis

This tip has been around since the days of fruit machines in the local food shop, but it is one of the best tips you can learn. By staying in control means you will notice a losing game a lot quicker and can walk away sooner.

Play Fewer Lines

Did you know, with most online slot games the bonus and free spins features will still payout regardless of the number of lines you are playing! This means you can gamble for longer and chase those mini-games that are often the best part of playing online slot games.

Use Pay As You Go Debit Cards

If you find yourself overspending the amount of money you wanted to while playing online you could always add to your online casino wallet with a PAYG debit card. These cards allow you to only add certain amounts and once it is gone you don't have access to any more. In the long run, you really will notice how much you are saving by doing this. Even if you win big you can always withdraw the funds into any account you like.


If you win the jackpot on a slot game you might feel like kissing the screen, but that is not what this tip is all about. It means "keep it simple, stupid" and often you can feel like you are not picking the right choices in a multiple-choice slot game when you are always going to win the amount you did anyway. So why not remove those games altogether and stick to the simpler games, the classic spin and win. That way there is no choice to make, its just win or lose, nothing else.

When you Win...Walk!

This might be the last tip for this post, but it is also the best one. Ofen you will notice you win bigger amounts at the start of your gambling session...but that is not the case at all. Those big wins feel bigger at the start because you still have a lot left of your gambling budget. So why not walk away from that machine, once you have more in credit than what you started with! It's not going to help you win more over time, but it will help you to feel like you are walking away from the slot game a winner.

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