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Ten of the Very Best Nightmare on Elm Street Gift Ideas

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Did you know the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie was released in 1985! Well if you remember watching those movies you should love these gift ideas. Featuring Freddy Krueger himself as well as a host of other horror movie related things these are ten of the best gift ideas for anyone who loved the movies as much as I did...

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This impressive action figure apparently has 14 points of articulation and is the perfect replication of Robert Englund's facial features. It is sure to give anyone nightmares if they place it on their bedside table.

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Not only do you get a Freddy Krueger figure with 8-bit NES look, but you also get a Jason Voorhees one to go with it! If you enjoy collecting 8-Bit Funko POP figures anyway this might well be one to add to your collection.

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It might keep your money and cards safe, but it might not keep you safe in your dreams! But on a more serious note, this high-quality wallet is a must for those who are security conscious.

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The only think Freddy would be bobbing his head at is you asking him if you are going to die! If you like your Bobble Head figures maybe this one is for you, but I think its quite creepy.

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Mr Potato Head has never looked so scary, but then again he is a talking potato so is a little scary anyway. This collectors edition of him is 5-inches tall and features all the usual removable parts.

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Even the killer himself Freddy Krueger somehow manages to look cute when they come in a plush form. If you like your horror toys soft and cuddly maybe this odd plushie is the one for you.

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No, this isn't a photoshopped image, these are real shoes available to buy right now, but they are very limited in numbers so you might want to get in quicker than you can run from your nightmares!

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Do you know the difference between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees? What about both their back stories and all their movies? This quiz will test your retro horror skills to the max and will make even the most avid of horror fans question what they know.

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Freddy killed people in their sleep so it makes sense that you should wear this to show you support his murderous ways. Sadly it will won't protect you if you hear the words "One, two, Freddy's coming for you".

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This massive 18-inch display bust is for the true horror fan and even comes with a numbered plaque that features a certificate of authenticity. This is one of those things that can only get more valuable as time goes on.

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