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Ten of the Craziest and More Unusual AirPods Cases Money Can Buy

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

So you have yourself a nice new pair of AirPods, but you want something to store them in other than the white-pill case that they come in. After all, if you can customise your smartphone with a case you should be able to do the same for your AirPods. The good news is you can and I have trawled the web looking for ten of the craziest and most unusual I could find...

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If you remember the classic comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz you should remember Snoopy who was always sleeping on his house rather than in it and this AirPods case brings just as much a smile to my face as the comic strip did.

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I'm a Switch light owner so I no longer own one of these Joycon connect controllers, but with this AirPods case, I can still feel like an original Switch owner. I just which you could use the side slots to house your real Joycon controllers, but its still a pretty cool case.

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I'm not quite sure why you would want to disguise your AirPods as a bottle of cleaner spray, but you can with one of these 3 different colours and no, sadly they don't smell of different things and don't hold any cleaning liquid to use in an emergency.

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Do you love the taste of Nutella more than life itself? If you do you might want to hide those wireless beauties inside this jar of chocolate beauty! Sadly there is no spread inside which is probably a good thing given that they are going inside your earlobe.

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Some people like Ketchup on their food and others like the taste of Mustard, but whichever you enjoy you can always enjoy pulling out your Airbuds from one of these cool little bottles. Just remember NOT to shake the bottle before use.

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Do you find yourself watching Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas over and over? If you do this spooky skeleton face AirPods case could be for you. I do however feel they missed a trick by not having it glow in the dark.

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If there is one coffee shop I spend most my time in it has to be Starbucks, but I am more a black coffee man than one of these fancier drinks. If you will only accept whipped-cream on top of everything this might be a good gift idea for yourself.

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When you are done making your Kit-Kat cakes why not listen to some music or a podcast with sticks of Kit-Kat in your ears! Sometimes it's nice to take a break from things and this case will remind you to do just that.

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Rick and Morty is not just something you watch, you can also listen to their crazy antics with your AirPods, or you could secretly watch episodes of the animated series at work while no-one is watching and you keep your AirPods inside their brains for safekeeping.

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And lastly, the retro meets the new-age with this oddly cool Polaroid instant camera Airpods case. Sadly the case doesn't take real photos, but I am sure they would pale in comparison to the high-quality photos out smartphones take anyway. Sometimes you need something to make you smile and this does the job perfectly.

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