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Ten Guinea Pigs Doing Human Things and Helping Out

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

It's very rare that I come across something that amazes me, but I have found something so awesome it's almost unbelievable, its Guinea pigs doing human things! In fact, I want to go out now and buy a guinea pig just so I can take pictures of it doing human things...

10 - Guinea Pigs Cooking Food

Obviously, guinea pigs are cannibals! What else did you think they eat? He could have gone with a slow cooker though for a drop-of-the-bone meal. A little bit of garlic, a touch of pepper and maybe some fennel?

9 - Guinea Pigs Playing Battle Ships

The picture speaks for its self really: Two guinea pigs chilling, playing a game of what looks like Battle Ships. Or are they in fact plotting world domination?

8 - Romantic Date in the Rain

It was the movie 'Doctor Dolittle' that made guinea pigs cool for about 4 months back in 1998, but who says guinea pigs can't be in love?

7 - Guinea Pig Checking his Twitter

"Allan, what have I told you about using all the download limit?" "Mum, I swear I have not been on it." "Oh, I expect you want me to believe it was the guinea pig who's being using it while you're asleep?"

6 - Guinea Pig Playing Xbox

Have you ever been on Xbox Live and every two seconds you are thinking "I have no idea what that person is saying?" Well so have I and it may be because the user you were playing with wasn't actually a human!

5 - Stunt Man Guinea Pig

You think that looks cool. You should have seen the backflip he did off the ramp. It makes you wonder how the little dude reached the pedals to get going in the first place!

4 - Guinea Pigs Washing Car

Someone needs to make an I am Legend film, but instead of a handful of humans surviving, a bunch of guinea pigs should survive! With that being said, would they mess about washing cars? Either way, you have to love the little guy with the hose.

3 - Guinea Pig Playing the Piano

"Any requests? I can play anything. Well, apart from that...and that. In fact, I can't play anything that involves a black key. I can't reach them you see."

2 - Guinea Pig Doing Homework

Is this little fella doing some homework? It's a trap! He's using you. You know things get serious when the protractor comes out.

1 - Sharpen That Pencil Mr Guinea Pig

And you wondered why your pencils never need sharpening. Yeah I know, Mr Guinea Pig, you get no gratitude do you? He does this for schools all over the world!

I know what you are thinking: These pictures have been set up by humans and are deceiving. But only a true guinea pig hatter would say that. I pretty sure all of these photos are in fact 100% genuine everyday guinea pig activities, but I could be wrong.

Ten Guinea Pigs Doing Human Things and Helping Out
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