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Ten Factors To Consider When Choosing A Chainsaw

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

If you have a garden or you are involved in DIY woodworks around your home, a chainsaw is one of the tools that you must consider buying for your home. This is the tool that is used for cutting wooden materials and therefore it would be useful for trimming, pruning, harvesting fire woods and so on. To be able to get the best chainsaw that will serve you for a long time and according to your purpose, there are various factors that you need to consider, they include;

Factors to consider when choosing a chainsaw.

1 - What will I be using it for?

Before you buy the chainsaw, you need to first of all outline the duties that you want to perform with it to ensure efficiency. For example, do you want a chainsaw for trimming your plants, pruning or cutting small objects? Well, such light duties do not require heavy duty chainsaws as they are easy to cut with a small chainsaw. On the other hand, if you need a chainsaw that you can utilize when cutting large logs of trees or for cutting down trees in your yard, then make sure to get a reliable and heavy duty chainsaw for these tasks.

2 - What power type do I need?

The chain and they are electricity and gas. The difference is seen in the build and the strength in cutting because the electric saws are quite easy to use and are light in weight as well. On the other hand, the gas chainsaws are crafted in heavyweight materials and are mainly used for cutting large chunks of wood. Another factor that determines the choice of the saw based on the power is the area of usage. If you are a professional woodcutter who is always on the move, then a gas saw would suit you due to power convenience as you can use it anywhere.

3 - What is the true cost of this job?

Their power determines the prices of the chainsaws and uses as well. If you are buying a gas chainsaw, the rate will be relatively higher as opposed to an elector saw. This is because a gas saw is more powerful and functional as opposed to an electric saw when cutting down the woods.

4 - What are my own safety concerns?

Chainsaws are powerful devices which can easily harm you if you are not careful when working with them. Therefore, if you are a beginner or you are using that type of saw for the first time, make sure to check if it has all the necessary safety features so you can utilize them when working. You should also wear protective gears such as helmets, gloves and many others when working with the saw. Refer about the right safety gears to wear when working with a chainsaw. Read the user manual to know how to operate the chainsaw as well.

5 - What size do I need?

The size of the chainsaws goes hand in hand with its weight. So the larger the size, the heavier the device will turn out to be. When buying the saw, check out the size while still at the dealer's shop to gauge if you will be able to work with the saw or you should opt for a smaller size.

6 - Do I really need one?

While chainsaws are indeed handy for a large number of jobs you should consider if you really need it, or a hand tool can do the job and would be much safer. Sometimes its easy to overestimate the work a job requires, but using a chainsaw should always be your last resort.

7 - Do I have enough experience?

If you only plan on getting a small chainsaw having no experience with one is only a minor problem, but as with all garden tools the bigger and more powerful they get, the more experience you will need to use it.

8 - What type of trees will you be cutting?

Do you really know what type of wood you will be cutting? Is it soft or hard wood? These things will determine what power of chainsaw you need and in some cases, you will need a much bigger blade size in comparison to the tree you are cutting, purely because the wood it is made from is so strong!

9 - How often will I use it?

While you might think a petrol motor is best if you don't plan to use it that often going for an electric chainsaw is best! But if you do plan to use it for work or a large amount of cutting its best to go with a petrol motor.

10 - What is the weather like?

While some weather conditions will be down to safety concerns there are also other factors that relate to which chainsaw is best for you! Some even have heated handles for extreme cold conditions as wearing cloves with them can cause grip issues.

A chainsaw is a reliable device that you should buy for trimming and cutting trees in your garden. Make sure to consider the above five factors before choosing the chainsaw to guide you in selecting the device that will serve your purpose, and you can work with respectively.

Ten Factors To Consider When Choosing A Chainsaw
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