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Ten Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for a Small Apartment

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

When getting a pet, size does matter to small apartments. Small living spaces do not always blend well with giant paws and long legs. You might think that to get a dog, you need to have a massive house with a large fenced-in outdoor area. But the truth is, if you live in an apartment or a smaller home, there are plenty of breeds that can adapt to your space. However, your dog's size is not the only thing that matters when finding the right pooch for your apartment. You should also take into consideration the energy level, noise, and even friendliness of the dog.

Here are the best apartment dogs that could steal your heart and a perfect fit for people with less space and tighter quarters.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment

Yorkshire Terrier

This is one of the smallest of any dog breed and one of the best apartment dogs for several reasons. They are easy to train, toy-sized, bouncy, but not too energetic. These small terriers are not going to take up much of your ideal space because they only grow tall at 23 cm and weigh around 3 kilos. With proper preparation, since these pups are highly intelligent, you won't have to worry about accidents inside, uncontrollable barking that bothers your neighbors, or excessive chewing.

Like many other toy breeds, they make good pets for people, particularly for senior citizens and people with medical problems. They are devoted, caring, and very affectionate. While this breed has the determination, they do not need a lot of exercises. A fast walk of 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and another one in the evening is enough. Yorkies are feisty and caring pets, tiny in size but large in character.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment

French Bulldog

This is a breed of domestic dogs that are bred as companion dogs. They were imported and crossbred to be miniature bulldogs in England. They are adaptable and preferred by apartment dwellers for smaller spaces because they grow only about 11-12 inches tall and weigh 20 to 28 pounds. They are stocky, quick to groom, polite to the family, and easy to train. French Bulldogs are outstanding companions that enjoy lavishing love on humans. They also make excellent watchdogs and will warn their people of the presence of outsiders, but barking without reason is not their style.

Having them as a house pet will also provide security as they are protective of their home and family, and some will try to defend both with their life. According to experts from, welcoming home your new furry family member can be exciting but make sure that you pay attention to important matters such as pet screening and health tests for your new pet. Frenchies are patient with children, polite with strangers, and loyal to their pet parents. Overall, they are fun-loving, family-friendly, and cuddly little cuties.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment


Known as the "Cuban companion", with its long, silky hair, expressive eyes, and cuddly size, this breed has won many admirers. This is another excellent apartment dog because they are small in stature, friendly and quiet, easier to train, and active but not too active. Standing 8-11 inches, they weigh 7-13 pounds. These dogs are extremely trainable and eager to please, and positive reinforcement thrives on them. Havanese are energetic but do not require hours of exercise.

The trick should be accomplished by a regular stroll. They have a very affectionate personality on everyone, including kids of all ages, other dogs, and even cats. These bouncy pups love to play as long as the owners are close, and will always stay on their side. They are also wise and will enjoy making you laugh with silly antics, or simply sitting on your lap watching the world go by.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment


Originally found in Congo, these breeds were used for flushing small game into the nets of hunters and for monitoring the populations of village rodents. These days, they make for great, loving furry family members. They are slightly larger than others on the list, stand at 17 inches and weigh around 24 pounds, and are still considered one of the great dogs for small spaces. They are truly independent, clever, and endearing. Their larynx is uniquely structured and only allows for occasional yodels, whines, and screams. Basenjis make outstanding watchdogs too. When threatened, they will protect their people and property.

They are known for their bravery and will stand for what they have against an attacker. They are not known for being particularly fond of children, but they can be good companions for older children with their high level of energy. With kindness and persistence, they can be trained, using encouraging reinforcements that include food rewards and praise. With his unique appearance and personality, many still appreciate this little dog's attitude and intelligence and can be an ideal companion.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment


While this is the smallest dog on this list it is also one of the smartest. Some Papillon have been known to memorise and perform on command hundreds of tricks and manoeuvres. Also called the Continental Toy Spaniel they have their characteristic butterfly-like look about them which makes them a highly loved and sought-after pet.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment

Mini Poodle

While not as common as their standard counterparts mini-poodles still have many if not all of the traits people look for in a poodle dog. They are intelligent, affectionate and loyal, plus they are hypoallergenic which is perfect for those of us with allergies.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment


While not as small as the Papillon, this is one of the smallest European breeds. While their super-fluffy coat does make them look bigger than they are you will have a shock when it comes to bathtimes as it reveals their smaller frame. They can be a lovable and friendly breed but have been known to be fiercely protective of one particular family member over the others, so that is something to keep in mind.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment

Maltese Terrier

This breed is, of course, well-known for its gorgeous white silky coats, but did you know they are also a non-shedding hypoallergenic breed? Yes, you are not going to get any allergy flare-ups with this dog and in a small apartment, you won't be coming home and needing to hover up all the dog's hairs. While they do like to play a lot they can often do this on their own making them good for those who work a lot.

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment


This is one of my personal favourite breeds as they have loads of personality, mostly down to their look of a grumpy old man. While they were originally bred to be guard dogs on farms they are a lot quieter than you might think. If you do go with the breed you might want to put a cage on the letterbox if you have one as they are well known to be the destroyers of anything letterbox related (but if you ask me this just adds to their lovable personality).

Ten Dog Breeds That are Perfect for a Small Apartment

Maltese Shih Tzu

We finish this post with the original fluffy white dog breed. If you see a small white fluffy dog in a dog park it is 9 times out of ten a Maltese Shih Tzu. This dog breed is one of the longest living breeds on this list and on average live to 20+, this is sadly also the reason they often end up in dog shelters.

Since apartment living has become more common, owners of small dog breeds are on the rise. When choosing the right breed, most owners will know how challenging it can be, since there are numerous adorable dog breeds. Choosing the best dog breeds for apartments can be made simple with the right information. Hopefully, this article has helped you choose a good dog for your apartment.

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