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Ten Amazing Things You Can Make With Old Trains and Train Tracks

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

You might have thought that there isn't a whole lot you could do with a train that is going to the scrapyard, but you would be wrong. These ten things you are about to see are all made form train parts, train tacks and everything else train related that is often sent to the scrap yard. But these things are not scrap art, they are just great recycling and repurposed ideas...

10 - Coffee Table

It might be a little big for most peoples living rooms, but it is a pretty cool talking point that is for sure. You often see this sort of thing as art outside of old mines that you can tour, but in the living room, it looks just as poignant.

9 - Bridge

I'm not so sure this is safe, but it is an interesting use of an old train carriage. I'm sure I would use it, especially if it meant a ten-mile walk to a safer bridge.

8 - Restaurant

This is the Vagon Restaurant in Budapest and not only is it a train carriage turned into a resultant, but there is also a bar on board for all those who hate moving trains and drinking!

7 - Fire Guard

If you have an open fire you could use a small piece of railway track to keep the ash in. Not only does it look good, but it is also pretty easy to clean. I would imagine so anyway, at least it won't melt!

6 - Garden Art

This odd piece of art is made from a section of train wheels and is used as somewhere to hang the bird feeder from. While it is odd I have to say I kind of like it!

5 - Bench

This is one of the most unusual park benches you will see on this blog, but it is also a good use of old train parts. At least you know this bench isn't going to arrive late!

4 - Library

What better way to read a book than inside a repurposed train carriage! You could read all the adventures of Thomas the Tank while inside a real train! That is probably what I would want to read anyway.

3 - Pool Table

While a lot of time and effort has been put into this, the main structure of the pool table really is made form little more than old railway sleepers and train track parts! I think this looks amazing if a little too big for my own living room.

2 - Wine Rack

It's not just the main wooden frame that is made from a part of train travel, it is also the bottle holder that are also pins in the tracks themselves. It's a pretty impressive and oddly unusual wine rack that is for sure.

1 - Home

I have seen a lot of different ways to turn an old train carriage into a livable space, but this is one of the better ones. Maybe it is the woodland setting that really sells it to me. I'm sure why the tracks are there, maybe it was once part of a larger railway network.

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