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Ten Amazing Things You Can Make With Old Metal Ladders

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

You have probably seen countless things people have made with old wooden ladders, but what more modern, metal ones? I have looked at all the ways people have recycled old metal and aluminium ladders and I think these ten I have chosen ten great ideas and while some of them are not all that useful they are all good ways to recycle ladders rather than sending them to landfill...


We have seen this idea before, but not so much with metal ladders and I think they look pretty nice. It's just a matter of finding the right plate and the right planks to use between the treads. Obviously the lighter, aluminium ladders will be easier to hang on the wall.

Giant Chandelier

While it will not be for everyone I think this is a wonderful use of old step ladders that you might not use any more. It will take a lot of effort to copy, but it makes for a great talking point that is for sure.

Christmas Tree

If you don't want a real Christmas tree and don't want a plastic one nether you might want to consider turning an old metal ladder into a festive...tool!? As long as you use enough tinsel it should look OK!

Garden Art

If you can get your hands on enough aluminium step ladders you might want to make something extra special out of them like this wheel of ladders. It's odd for sure, but I kind of like it!

Garden Trellis

From garden art to a garden trellis. If you have more than one ladder you need to find a good use for you could use it to grow some vine plants like runner beans or other climbing plants.

Plant Stand

Here is another good way to use metal ladders in the garden and that is to use one to make a plant stand! It doesn't take much effort, but you will need to make sure the layers are secure to each tread.

Hammock Trellis

If you want to hang a hammock between two cut down trees that are not strong enough on their own to support the weight you could always do what this person did and use an aluminium ladder to support the two and make them stronger.

Bicycle Trailer

I am not sure what you would use this for, but I do like the thought of it. If you need to carry lots of long things around this might be a good option and it won't take that much effort.

Cat Tree

It's not just yourself that could make good use of an old ladder, your pets might be able to use them as well. Cats love climbing and looking out over their land so a cat tree made from an old ladder is perfect for giving your cat king (or queen) a throne to view their kingdom from.

Festive Display

If you don't want a Christmas tree you could always use an old aluminium step ladder to make an autumnal display that could stay up for a lot longer than a Christmas ladder. You can decorate it anyhow you like with all sorts of things that represent the season.

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