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Ten Amazing Garden Paths Made From Recycled Things

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Is your garden path looking a little old and starting to crumble away? If it is you might want to consider saving up some of your recycling to make one of these amazing paths that have all been made with various things. While you might say some of them are impractical for everyday use, they are all amazing to look at...

Plastic Bottles Caps

It might be a little slippery in the rain, but I think it brings a much-needed touch of colour to this garden. By the looks of it you will need a lot of bottle lids indeed, best to start saving them up now.

Glass Bottles

I take they have just used the bottoms of the bottles because they are the strongest part. Otherwise, the whole bottle is in the ground and they would take much more work indeed.


Now this path will be very slippery, but it does give this small garden a more natural look, like something you might imagine at a woodland fairies house.

Wooden Pallets

If you have a little bit of woodland in your back garden that tends to get a little muddy after the rain why not put down a pathway of wooden pallets that not only looks good but it will also keep your feet cleaner.

Random Tiles

Are you hanging onto a load of old bathroom or kitchen tiles that you will probably never need or use? If you are they could be useful after all as a mosaic garden path!

Tumbled Glass

While you can make your own tumbled glass it is a lot of effort so I would suggest you just buy some, but make sure it is made with recycled glass and nothing else.


You don't have to use new bricks to make this amazing path, you could always use old bricks taken from a builders site or rubble yard.


OK, so you are not going to have this many pebbles laying around just waiting for a good use, but you could always take some from a local pebble beach which has to be better than buying concrete!

Railway Sleepers

You can get railway sleeps from several rail yards if you just ask, but you can always buy them. All I would suggest is that you get recycled ones as they will look older and more rustic.

Stone Rubble

You don't have to have perfect bricks or super smooth pebbles to make a garden path. Just a lot of flat edged stone rubble will do and dare I say it looks pretty good!

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