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Ten Amazing Earring Holders Made From Recycled Things

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

What is the point in having and owning so many amazing sets of earrings when you are not going to display them, just chuck them into a draw somewhere!? Why not put them out on display and at the same time make great use of something that you might have otherwise thrown away! Take these ten ideas for inspiration and make try and make your own...

Coat Hangers

While this probably won't work if the hangers are plastic you can still get hold of wooden ones in shops or take a look around some charity shops as well. Then you just need some eye hooks to hand the earrings from them.

CD Rack

It was once used to hold music to your ears and now it is used to hang things for your ears! You can get loads on this and I think it looks pretty good. You will even have an excuse to buy more earrings to hang from it!

Cheese Grater

What else can you do with an old cheese grater other than turning it into an earring holder? In fact, you can make a lot of things with a cheese grater as we have seen in previous posts.

Vinyl Record

For those who don't know what this is, this was a vinyl record and once upon a time we all listened to music on them. Imagine them like a giant CD, only they melt a lot easier if left in the sun.


The general rule of thumb here is the more corks you have the more earrings you can hang from them! So you best get drinking that wine so you can make one of these.

Grease Splatter

I think this is probably best you use new grease splatters rather than older ones unless you can make them as clean as they were when purchased. But it does look good and you can hang a lot of them at once.

CD Spindle

There was a time when everyone owned a load of black CD,s that often come on spindles like this. But if you just so happen to own one why not turn it into this small, but handly earring holder.

Oven Shelf Rack

This idea is probably the easiest on this list and perfect for those getting a new oven. Just hang it on the wall, add a little bit of decoration and you are done!

Pringles Tube

If like me you enjoy munching on a tube of Pringles you might want to keep the empty tube and make one of these for someone. Just insert some sticks for the earrings to hang from and cover it.

Tennis Racket

When you retire from your tennis game what else can you do with your tennis racket other than turn it into a rather nice looking earring organiser? The main string part is perfect for earrings while the handle is also good for some hooks to hang necklaces from.

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