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Ten Amazing Chicken Coops Made From Recycled Things

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Are you thinking of making a chicken coop? If you are you might want to save some money and make one of these out of recycled and repurposed things. To be fair, some look amazing and others more for temporary use, but they do at least save more rubbish going to a landfill and that can only be a good thing...


While this isn't going to work with a flimsy Ikea wardrobe you plan on throwing away it would work with one that is more solid. You can hardly tell it was a wardrobe at all!


As kids get older and bigger it is inevitable you will have to throw away that old trampoline at some point. Or you could use it to make a pretty impressive chicken coop!

Children's Playhouse

Children's playhouses like this are cheap, made from plastic so they can't be recycled easily and they also make great chicken coops! Plus it doesn't take much to turn it into one.


Older caravans were much smaller than they are today and that means they are perfect for being turned into a chicken coop. Plus it gives your birds a touch of luxury!

Kitchen Cabinet

Are you getting a new kitchen? If you are you might want to save that old kitchen cabinet and turn it into a rather fancy looking chicken coop! You could even house it in the kitchen for fresh eggs every morning!


It seems you don't need a whole car to turn it into a chicken coop. Just one with double doors on the back will do. Just make sure there is no engine as the chickens might drive off in it!

Washing Machine

I think the washing machine is mostly just the door, but it still looks pretty cool and the door with shut with ease keeping your little chicks safe at night.

Wooden Cable Spool

If you just so happen to know where you can get a large wooden cable spool from you might want to turn it into a chicken coop and it doesn't look hard at all!

Water Tank

You can often find these at 2nd hand farmers markets, or in scrap yards, but they are pretty big and heavy so you might want to hire a truck to get it home.

Wooden Pallets

Lots of people make chicken coops from old wooden pallets, but this one features hollow concrete breeze blocks as well keeping it off the ground.

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