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Ten Amazing Advent Calendars You Should Buy Before December

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

It is said that advent calendars have been around since the 19th or 20th century and would have been probably been little more than festive images behind a paper window. But these ten amazing advent calendars I have chosen for you contain some pretty awesome things...

Ten Amazing Advent Calendars You Should Buy Before December

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Housed in a decadent and elaborately decorated case are 25 beauty products that have been carefully selected, wrapped and boxed, ready to be spritzed, loved and swatched. The advent calendar includes 9 full-sized products and 16 deluxe samples; 19 of which are exclusive to lookfantastic. Together, these will guide you through the festive season. When the countdown to Christmas is over, the beautiful case, complete with looking glass, can be used as a vanity unit to store your beloved beauty treats and essentials.

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Countdown to a LEGO Friends Christmas this December! Build a holiday party scene for the LEGO Friends pets, with a new part to build every day. First find Stephanie and her snowmobile, then see what other Christmas surprises she can collect along the way!

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The advent calendar tells the story of a little chimpanzee on a big adventure as he explores the tropical jungle. Behind the little doors, delicious fruits await him - but also dangerous animals such as a tiger, a snake and a crocodile. However, the chimpanzee is not just quick, but also very brave, and he continues on his adventure. Which doors will he have to open to find the exclusive, specially painted scorpion and frog?

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The Royal family enjoys a sunny winters day in the snowy château park by ice skating on the lake. Forest animals are watching their activities. Behind one of the 24 doors is a bracelet hiding.

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The advent calendar invites children to a Christmas party on the farm. The dog joyfully prepares everything and discovers great supplies for the party behind each of the little doors. Will all of his friends come? They are so excited about his idea that they give the dog a great present: an exclusive, specially painted kennel. Then, another very special guest comes to the party: an exclusive, specially painted rabbit that is only available with this advent calendar.

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An Advent Calendar is possibly the only way to encourage children and teenagers to get out of bed on a cold winter's morning. See how keen they are to emerge from their slumber when you present them with the Eat Your Greens Chocolate Sprout Advent Calendar. Santa will be very pleased with all the good little girls and boys who have managed to chomp their way through 24 delicious 'sprouts'! Behind each door is a particularly life-like handmade solid milk chocolate sprout. Beautifully presented, the advent calendar is a quirky, fun gift that will horrify and delight in equal measure.

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Countdown to Christmas with the fantastic Toot-Toot Animals advent calendar. Featuring 24 fun play pieces including a Toot-Toot Animals reindeer, a Christmas tree and lots more. The Box panel folds down to become a Toot-Toot Animals play area! Reindeer includes 3 Christmas songs, 6 festive melodies and fun sound effects.

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You can choose from Cognac, Rum, Vodka, gin and even the special edition botanical gin! All perfect for a very merry (and super boozy) Christmas.

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You get at least one new magic trick for each day (24 in total), discover an exciting magic trick every day that will build up to finish in a excite your family with a big magic show on Christmas day.

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As it was last year the best selling advent calendar by far will be one of these from the Yankee Candle team. This year you get to choose between an Advent Book and an Advent Wreath. Both come with 24 days filled with the best smelling things on this earth.

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