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Tempe Man Arrested Over Alleged Dark Web Drug Dealing

Posted on the 06 July 2017 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

Everyone in the world is embracing new trends in the digital atmosphere.

The internet has such as a huge impact on the human lifestyle, as more and more people realize they can make money from all corners of the world by selling products from behind their computer or smartphone screens.

Tempe Man Arrested Over Alleged Dark Web Drug Dealing

This has both positive and negative implications for our society.

Some people are using this mode of e-commerce for selling illegal goods and drugs, using dark web crime networks as a vehicle to do so.

And just last week, a man faced several drug-associated charges after a long investigation into his illegal drug dealing via the dark web.

Nathan James Harnor has been dealing drugs online for a long period of time, but finally the police were notified of the operation and took heed to arrest him.

Drug trafficking is an illegal act, indiscriminate of whether it takes place on or offline.

The 43-year-old man involved in dark web drug dealing was arrested by Australian Federal Police and NSW Police after they swooped on his premises in Sydney's inner west last week.

Beforehand, the officers came to find out the man was in Sydney and they quickly communicated with their partners to ensure he wouldn't get away before they could arrest him.

Police officers investigated his properties at Wolli Creek and Tempe at 8 a.m., where they found cocaine, MDMA, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), more than $12,000 in cash, along with drug equipment and packaging.

During these investigations, the officers also found laptops loaded with sophisticated hardware and software encryption suspected to have been used in his drug dealing activities on the dark web.

The man was then arrested and taken to Newtown Police Station, where he would later be charged with eight counts of drug supply, being involved with the proceeds of crime and supplying illegal drugs on dark web markets.

Police allege he marketed and sold illicit drugs online, sending the items to customers through the post.

The dark web operation has allegedly been going on for the last two years.

This method of drug dealing poses a major challenge to security forces, as there are no direct transactions between the drug supplier and the buyer.

Tony Cooke, a drug squad officer, said that new technology posed a challenge for law enforcement.

But he promised that they are too working towards updating their software used in security to ensure they're able to detect and track such online transactions in the future.

Cooke added that through dark web networks, drug suppliers are able to communicate with their customers directly from their premises or anywhere on their mobile devices.

This makes online drug dealing very difficult to detect compared with other, more in-person methods of exchanging drugs.

Dark web drug dealers are creative in that they've built an environment by which they can conduct their illegal businesses under the protection of tight security.

Police said the situation with this drug dealer has really challenged law enforcement, but they too are evolving and updating their techniques to investigate dark web-facilitated drug transactions.

Federal police investigator Simon Walsh said the combined investigation produced a good result that was vividly approved by all citizens.

Drug trafficking through the dark web is an illegal business that directly affects the country's economy directly.

It should, therefore, be dealt with as sensitivity and thoroughly as possible.

Walsh added that the combined working efforts between the AFP and NSW Police have led to great results, and it is vital that Australian law enforcement agencies work together to fight illicit drug supply on the dark web.

If all security forces work together, there is no single issue that will go unnoticed.

The incident was a good example of the fruits of having a united security force in Sydney.

Tempe Man Arrested Over Alleged Dark Web Drug Dealing


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