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…tell of Two Cities

By Zer @the2women

…tell of two citiesThese Sunday co-entries, as many of you know, are a recent addition to our blog format. They are, as a result, an experiment unto themselves.

Each week we try something new, be it a new format, topic, or a little bit of both. This week we encounter yet another addition to the experiment, geographic variance…

Translation: The Crusaders (due to World Series attendance and work schedules) find themselves in two different cities.

Just to make things more exciting, it happens to fall on the Sunday of the World Series, and right in the middle of our baseball-fest.

What to do?

Perhaps we could give you an inside look at how different being a Cardinals fan is, depending on your current location.

With that I give you opposing cities, and opposing views of baseball in October:

Stephanie: A Cardinal Fans Guide to Surviving Chicago

Today I find myself, after a thrilling but brief trip back to Cardinal Country (for a wonderful World Series experience), back in enemy territory.

I hate to generalize an entire group of fans, full of individuals perfectly capable of independent thoughts and opinions (until they convene,…mob mentality, it happens). Having said that, when it comes to Chicago baseball fans in October, welcome to bitter, party of millions.

The trick to surviving the cruelty is understanding.  Some might call it pity, but understanding sounds more positive to me. Don’t you think?

You have to understand that they don’t really hate the Cardinals, they just hate that their team didn’t get a shot (this year, last year, or the year before that…should I continue Cubbies?)

So should you find yourself stranded on Michigan Avenue decked out in red bird apparel come the month of October, just remember to remain calm, hold your head up proudly, and rest assured that fellow fans of Fred Bird are probably closer than you think.

Zer: Appreciating the Home Turf: A Guide to Cardinals’ Country

Late October, Cardinals are a game ahead in the World Series; paints a pretty picture doesn’t it?

However, you would be wrong to assume that this rose tinted image is as simple as it seems (although, there is a lot of red).

Any out of town Red Birds fan should head into this hub of Cardinals fandom prepared for anything.

It’s important to remember that while you’ve been sneaking glances at score updates on your cellphone. Sitting at sports bars hoping they’ll change the channel for you. Gathering with your small group of fellow fans to watch the occasional game. And faithfully watching the entire postseason (Yay for national broadcasts!). That’s nothing compared to the heart of Cardinal Country.

The entire city of St. Louis has been immersed in Cardinal fever. They were allowed a time period to acclimate from early season baseball to the late season playoff push to postseason craziness, and eventually to the World Series insanity.

It’s a lot to take in if you’re used to baseball only existing when you turn the your television set on in the evening. It can be a little overwhelming.

And on the other extreme, don’t be surprised if you run into some fans who have had more than their fill of the postseason.

It’s been a long October.

So if you’re lucky enough to make it to game 6 or 7 (hopefully they won’t be necessary) be sure you’re pumped up, and ready to take on Cardinal mania in all its amped up glory.

And, of course…Go Cards!

…bi-daily smile…

Still can’t believe this actually exists, but it’s awesome:

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