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Television Shows That Didn't Make It.

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Mel1206 @mel1206
Last night I was catching up on my shows on Hulu, which is where I watch my entertainment now that we have gotten rid of cable, which I only miss a little now that Game of Thrones is coming back on.
But - I digress:  So, I checked again on one of my favorite new series to see if they happened to release another episode - and of course they did not.  This got me to thinking about the shows I love (and there is only a few that I can think of) that never made it out of the first season.

The Others

television show the others

The Others, a 2000 Television Show

This show was a fall release in 2000.  I was living with my grandmother (now deceased - please see my previous post to find out more) and we would sit down every time it came on and watch it together.  We both loved this series, and it was something we could both watch together - not that we had too much of a problem finding shows we both liked.
This show centered around college medium Marian Kitt, played by Julianne Nicholson, she is approached by one of the Professors to join a group called 'The Others'.  This group is filled with people having special abilities; or a 6th sense.  The group is led by a famous medium, Elmer Greentree, played by Bill Cobbs who acts as the mentor for the group, especially Marian since they have similar abilities.  What I remember of the show is that each episode they would find and help people similar to them and discuss what they see together at group meetings - or something like that.  Of course the protagonist (Marian) was exceptionally gifted, along with being damaged because of it, and of course there was some sort of ever looming danger they could all recognize but not identify.  I have a horrible member, but I do remember really enjoying the show especially the main character - who seemed to have an 'old soul' and very striking eyes.  I think I need to see if I can't hunt down this one season and watch it again.
I do remember my mother griping for days when she heard it was canceled about how they always get rid of the good shows like this one and the next one:

American Gothic

American Gothic Television Show

American Gothic, a 1996 TV Show

I only watched an episode or two of this, as I was 21-22 years old at the time; and I was having way too much fun OUT of the house to stay in and watch some silly TV show.  Yeah - it wasn't until after I had my daughter I started to really get into television over movies (still love those - but I don't go out and see them like I used to).
I digress again!!  So - even though I don't know as much about this one - I enjoyed the few episodes I saw.  I also know that if my grandmother liked it, I probably will too.  What I do remember is the little boy's deep south accent.  That was Caleb Temple, played by Lucas Black, who was a true southerner - not an actor playing a southerner.  I also remember the oiliness of the sherrif, Lucas Buck, played by Gary Cole (of Office Space fame), but beyond that I don't remember much.
One interesting note - Jake Weber was in most of the episodes, we know and love him (at least I do) as Joe Dubois in the television series, Medium

The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files Television Show

The Dresden Files, a 2007 Television Show

I remember seeing comercials for this and thinking, "I want to check that out," but I never did - well at least not while it was still running.  I just watched the full series a few months ago on Netflix.  I really enjoyed the show, not to mention the great looking cast.
In this show a wizard, Harry Dresden, played by Paul Blackthorne, acts as a consultant to detective Connie Murphy, played by Valerie Cruz, with some of her more difficult cases - of course all of these cases have a magical component to them.  He is assisted by a ghost, Bob, played by Terrence Mann.  I really enjoyed this quirky little show - and wonder why it didn't make it.  Perhaps it was the narration aspect?  If I could point out one thing that I just didn't like about the show was that.  Then again - wizards don't seem to get much love on the small screen (I think Merlin is an exception - and it has had its strugggles)  It could be something as simple as bad timing for the series - but I am sad that it did get more of a following to see the story develop.
Now on to the two series from this season that didn't make it - and that just makes me sad.

666 Park Avenue

Television shows that didn't make it.

666 Park Avenue, a 2012 TV Show

I really thought this show was going to make it.  It is a suspense drama with horror undertones.  At the end of each week I was on the edge of my seat wondering what else was going to happen.  I suppose I was one of the few.  This show did have a lot of star power, such as Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams, even Whoopie Goldberg for an episode.  Still, that wasn't enough to keep this show going.
I suppose it is because it is a slow moving show.  While there is something significant happening each week - there is no tying up of the plot at the end of each show like most of the shows are.  So - to understand the full plot, you HAVE to watch each episode - and in order.  It may have also been the time slot - I don't really know what else was on at the same time as ABC is the only channel I look for my Sunday night shows (Once Upon a Time being a favorite).  I am sure it is a combination of factors.  But now I have to wait until the summer to watch the last of the episodes so they can tell me the secrets behind 666 Park Avenue.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour Television Show

Zero Hour, a 2013 TV Show

In the winter of 2013 ABC introduced another thriller, staring Anthony Edwards of ER fame.  This show had a 'Davinci Code' feel to it, where there is adventure, a level of tomb raiding, with a religious undertone.
I love the concept of this show, the acting is excellent, and I couldn't wait to see what happened in the next week - again - I think I was one of the few.  From the start this series sputtered and fizzled - so much so that ABC isn't even airing all of the episodes that were made.  I have a feeling because it was too slow (as far as action) for its intended audience.  There were only four or five episodes aired before the network pulled the plug entirely.  There is not even talk of wrapping up the series for the fans, like they are doing with 666 Park Avenue.  I am very disappointed by this, and very much hope they will at least release to mediums such as Hulu or Netflix, or even release the season in DVD format - as I understand 13 episodes have already been filmed.  I will just have to wait and see.
So what about you?  Do you have a show you loved that didn't make it beyond the first season?

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