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Television Parties Are In!

Posted on the 08 April 2011 by Silyasa

Imagine watching your favourite TV shows whilst huddled together with your best friends. Long since a tradition in the US for fans of cult TV series, the television party is taking off in the UK.

The premise is a rather simple one. Firstly, grab some friends by telephone or even hit Facebook to organise an exclusive event.

It’s best to prepare your evening firstly around what they’ll eat. Snacks will go down a treat all the time. I personally prefer a huge bag of crisps and salsa dips. Always a winner! However, people with time on their hands could prepare something more elaborate in the kitchen. The BBQ season is really great but the problem is that the person in charge of the BBQ would always be left out from watching the actual programme or film.

Now for your home, comfy chairs and sofas are a must. Make sure that if you have any pets,they are left elsewhere and not in the living room.

Finally, make sure that you properly situate the TV in a nice area of the room where everyone can see. At the end of the day, have fun and enjoy. Television is not necessary an isolated experience but for those who would enjoy a bit of ‘me-time’ how about catching up with free online tv instead which allows you to view any programme you want at any time.

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