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Tel Aviv (Israel) Stock Exchange in Terminal Dive?

Posted on the 07 August 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Tel Aviv (Israel) stock exchange in terminal dive?NEWS BULLETIN: in the first hour of post-S&P-downgrade; trading today (yeah, I didn't realise the Muslim bourses who have Friday as their Sabbath work Sunday either, but it makes sense) the Tel Aviv stock exchange in Israel the TA-100 is DOWN 1,000 points, i.e. down nearly SIX PERCENT already.
When East, then EU then USA bourses comes online Monday, you're gonna see a fucking bloodbath.
The US traders went along with 117,000 shitty jobs.
The US traders went along with a shitty debt ceiling scam.
The US traders are gonna go along with S&P; downgrade.
Three examples of the spinelessness of the 'backbone of financial society' on planet profit.
Remember, there are mass demonstrations on the streets of Israel again this weekend, going UNREPORTED by the western mass media. What on earth ENDGAME are we not seeing here?

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