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Teens Agree

Posted on the 01 March 2013 by Mikeb302000
 Yahoo News reports
In an effort to better understand how teenagers feel about guns,, an educational resource and blogging community for teens and college students, asked over 7,000 students and teen bloggers the question, “Where do we go after the Newtown school shooting?” for its most recent national writing prompt. 
600 students fully completed the gun survey and over 350 submitted a personal essay on the gun debate issue. 
Before submitting their gun debate essays to, teens and college students took a survey revealing the following statistics about teens' attitudes towards guns:
--10.1% of teens feel gun laws should be eased so that it's easier for law abiding citizens to own and carry guns both at home and in public. 
--13.4% of teens feel we should keep current gun laws "as is."
--56.4% of teens feel we should keep the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution in tact, but add new federal gun control laws to restrict the access to high-capacity ammunition clips or certain semi/automatic assault weapons, closing gun show loopholes, etc.

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