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Teen Drug Abuse

By Newsanchormom

Teen Drug Abuse
This is a scary thought. I hope your kids aren't involved with some of these dangerous drugs. I hope I find a way to make sure my kids don't make this mistake. I think a lot of times the parents don't find out until it's too late. Teenagers are really good at keeping secrets. Heck, my four-year-old is already good at fibbing.

FROM NBC: Kids are drinking and doing drugs more often -- and at younger ages, according to a new survey from the Partnership at
In the last three years -- Ecstasy use has risen 67-percent among teens, while marijuana has also gained more popularity -- jumping 22-percent. A quarter of teen drinkers had tasted their first sip of alcohol by age 12. by age 15 -- that number jumped to 62-percent. And by the time they graduated high school, 71-percent of teens had at least one alcoholic beverage.

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