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Tee Pee Records Sampler 2012

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Ripplemusic
Tee Pee Records Sampler 2012
I have always liked samplers because it's a great way to discover new bands, well new to me. A lot of times these samplers contains bands that has been around for awhile that I have never heard of or I have never listened to their music. On the other end of this spectrum there are also a lot of bands that to me are pure crap but that's the charm of checking out bands...you get the good with the bad and it's up to you dear waverider to decide what you like.
New York City-based Tee Pee Records latest sampler contains 12 bands of their current roster and most of them are very interesting, while a few doesn't rattle my bones at all. But that's how it goes. And do checkout the bands I fail to mention because you might like them. So join me through this sonic, psychedelic feast courtesy of Tee Pee Airlines, I mean Records!
L.A. Sacrifice by Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - love that name - is the first band to catch my attention which their rich soaring sound. This is a psychedelic yet pretty rocking hammond-based track...and I love it.

This is followed by another psychedelic track by the fantastic Blaak Heat Shujaa. Incident At Stinson Beach is taken from their excellent EP The Storm Generation which came out in December 2012. Trippy Middle Eastern rhythms are mixed with psychedelica and surf rock. Magical indeed!
What's next?....oh yeah, Kadavar with the track Creature Of The Demon. These Germans take on 70's heavy rock a lá Black Sabbath and Hawkwind mixing it with a dollop of doom and they are phenomenal and not a band to ignore.

Lecherous Gaze absolutely floors me with their riff-ladden heavy-ass punk-infused rock'n'roll with Lyin' In The Road. They bulldoze their way forward and take no prisoners at all kind of the way the might Motörhead does it. Great stuff!
Mirror Queen are spacey, kind of trippy opting for jamming out and they do it so good on Scaffold In The Skies. Just sit back and let their music take you away on a space trip alright.

Oh yeah The Shrine are full-tilt rifforama and they kick some serious ass. They go all out on Primitive Blast and definitely leave a lot of dead people in their tracks because if you have a weak heart you might actually perish listening to these hooligans. Awesome!

The last troupe I'm going to mention are my fellow Swedes Truckfighters with the song Monte Gargano. And they bring the fuzz indeed. This is some buzzed out stuff albeit not their heaviest song. Still it's as good as it's going to get folks!
Definitely check this one out and explore the world of Tee Pee Records and what they are doing. They've been around since since 1993 I believe and has an extensive back catalog of great bands as well all these newer signings/releases. Dig it waveriders!!!
Download here: sampler

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