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Ted Nugent - The Method Behind the Madness

Posted on the 23 April 2012 by Mikeb302000
Ted Nugent - The Method Behind the Madness Jimmy Zuma writing for Salon
Ted Nugent just said some really crazy stuff. But he has a very important reason to get himself in the news. He’s launching his own line of Ted Nugent brand ammunition.
Despite his nutty ranting, you actually have nothing to fear from Ted Nugent. In Nugent-world he’s a brave man because he won’t leave home without a gun hidden way up under his shirt. But being afraid to go outside without a gun isn’t a sign of bravery; it is decisive evidence of cowardliness. The vast majority of Americans prove that every day (including the vast majority of gun owners.)
Of course the gun hiders don’t want you to know that little secret. Heck, they don’t even want to admit it to themselves. But that’s the long and short of it. These guys bloviate and hide guns up under their skirts… I mean shirts… for the same reason. They are afraid of the big, bad world outside of the castle walls. It’s all smoke and bluster – underneath is a scared little boy terrified he’ll get eaten by a dragon.
What's your opinion? Could Ted Nugent be that manipulative? It seems to me he loves to mouth off and be in the spotlight anyway, but even for him this seemed over the top. Could the reason have been ammo sales?
 What do you think about the idea Zuma puts forth about the motivations of gun owners who want to carry concealed? I think it's spot on.
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